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By: Zimeka  11-11-2011
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When I first met you in 2008, I was deep in debt, and earnings less than R3,000 with thirteen (13) accounts. Now I have three (3) left, one of which will close June 2010. My car will be finished by December 2010.Thank guys, I could not have done this without you.PB, Soweto

2 more payments of Woolworths and then I am done with that one too!!!! You will see, as suggested I payed the amount I used to pay on Truworths previously, in addition to my normal Woolworths payment to Woolworths. Truworths confirmed that my request to close my account was successful, even though they tried to convince me otherwise first, so that account is done and closed!!!!CH, Pretoria

Hi There, I just want to let you guys know, that I have paid off another account this month!!! I am flying through my debt like you won’t believe.Of 9 creditors I only have 6 left (excl my house and car) I phoned all of them this morning to find out what my outstanding balances is. 2 months then my first credit card will be settled!! All my clothing accounts is done and I am in the process of closing them all!! I am so proud of myself and I can not WAIT for next year September then I will be totally out of debt!! Thanks so much for your help, I am really doing well and every month I finish something, I add that to another creditor and pay more on that!! It works excellent!! ThanksCH, Pretoria

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Keywords: Credit Card, debt