Exclusive Bowtique Dog Bows

By: Yorkie Shop  11-11-2011

A selection of handmade Dog Bows available from the YORKIE SHOP.  These Bows are of superb quality, yet very affordable so every small dog can own one.

These beautiful Dog Bows come in any colour plain satin ribbon of your choice, polka dots or gingham.  Organza overlays create a very upmarket Bow.

Choose from satin roses, faux pearls, diamante's or diamante channels for your centre embellishment.

All the Bows come standard with 2 latex bands sewn to the back for the top knot placement.

Available in a Single Loop Puppy Bow, a 15mm small Double Loop Bow, a 20mm medium Double Loop Bow and a 25mm large Double Loop Bow.

Single Loop Puppy Bow:                                                                                  R30

15mm Double Loop Yorkie Bow                                                                      R55.00

20mm Double Loop Show Bow                                                                        R60.00

25mm Double Loop Shitzu Bow                                                                       R65.00 

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