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By: Yeast  11-11-2011
Keywords: Fermentation, Carbon Dioxide, Yeast

When yeast is added to a dough mix, it activates and begins to ferment with the available sugars and starches in the flour and carbon dioxide gas is produced.
The yeast produces gas bubbles, trapped within the elastic dough, which makes the dough rise and results in light, flavourful bread. Carbon dioxide is the element that causes dough to rise, giving the bread a light spongy texture, and other gases released during fermentation gives fresh bread its characteristic flavour and aroma.
The growth of yeast and the production of carbon dioxide gas continue, until the dough in the oven reaches high temperatures, at which point the yeast dies and fermentation is halted.
Flavour and texture are not the only benefits. Yeast itself is an excellent source of B-complex vitamins and Thiamine, and the action of fermentation makes grains more digestible.

Keywords: Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide Gas, Fermentation, Yeast,