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By: Xcallibre  11-11-2011
Keywords: Encryption, Digital Pen, Pen And Paper


Xcallibre is committed to show you how to get the most out of Digital pen and paper technology. Whether it’s streamlining an existing business process to maximise the benefits that the technology offers or re-designing your forms or data capture process, Xcallibre is prepared to take on any challenge.


Good Form Design is imperative for a successful project. Our highly skilled development team will create a new form design and layout that will make your form easier for users to fill out.  Also, we can take your existing form and by using our design tools, we add the Anoto dot pattern to it.

Xcallibre can design your forms to implement the required constraints and validation to ensure your data is recognised efficiently and delivered instantly to your backend systems.


Xcallibre offers superior print quality for all your printing needs. We provide the broadest range of print capabilities in our industry for the digital pen and paper solution.


Xcallibre can develop custom modules to your specification or design a new custom module based on your existing business process or forms-based application. Custom web screens may also be developed to display form data a certain way, or to perform business rules or calculations required by your users.


Xcallibre can be integrated into any existing back end system. Our professional services team are available to work alongside your internal IT department to ensure that your digital paper forms are securely integrated with your systems in order to maximise the value and efficiency of your IT investment.


At Xcalibre we think about learning from a holistic point of view and we are experienced in end user training which is done at the customer's premises. By highlighting efficient form usage techniques and communicating tips to maximise user productivity with Digital Pen & Paper, end users will rapidly gain the confidence to adopt the technology as an vital part of their daily business activities.


Xcallibre is dedicated to delivering technical and customer support excellence to our clients and their customers. Our reliable technical support, customer support, IT support and helpdesk support services will ensure that your customers receive the best possible support and you can focus on your business and your company's growth.


The digital pen communicates using end-to-end cryptography. A message written with the pen is encrypted within the pen before transmission. The message remains secret from the very moment it leaves the pen.
Encryption of pen data ensures not only that no one can monitor and read the pen request traffic, but also that a pen request is not tampered with. The information transmitted between a digital pen and the PLS is always encrypted using a 128-bit or 256-bit symmetric and unique key shared between the pen and the server. In symmetric encryption, the same key is used for encryption and decryption.
The digital pen also generates a 128-bit or 256-bit symmetric session key to encrypt the data that it sends to the XCALLIBRE DIGITAL PLATFORM. This key is not the same as the key used for encryption of PLS requests. For the XCALLIBRE DIGITAL PLATFORM to be able to decrypt the data, the digital pen must include this session key in the pen request. To ensure that only the XCALLIBRE DIGITAL PLATFORM can read the pen request, the digital pen encrypts the transmitted key. The encryption of the pen’s session key is based on standard 1024-bit RSA asymmetric encryption, which is the most common asymmetric algorithm. Asymmetric encryption is designed so that the key used for encryption (the public key) is different from the one used for decryption (the private key).
Thus, to encrypt pen requests between the pen and the XCALLIBRE DIGITAL PLATFORM in an open service, you must generate an asymmetric key pair for the XCALLIBRE DIGITAL PLATFORM and register the generated public key in the PLS at Anoto. This is done when licensing the pattern via the Anoto partner web site. When the user ticks a Magic box, the PLS sends this public key to the pen, and the pen uses it to encrypt the generated session key that it sends to the XCALLIBRE DIGITAL PLATFORM.

We adhere strictly to the following:                           

  1. Restrict Access to our server room(only authorized personnel allowed)
  2. Ensure that there are no combustible materials located in the server room, such as solvents, paper, etc.
  3. We Conduct regularly planned service on support systems, such as the Air Conditioning, Fire Retardant and UPS systems
  4. Always checking for any overloaded circuits or worn/damaged electrical and power cables
  5. We also perform regular scheduled backups and store at off-site facility

Store copies of vital documentation off-site, such as the Disaster Recovery Plan, Configuration Schematics, Maintenance and Service Contracts, etc

No other form of online storage is more portable, secure or private

Xcallibre’s reporting capabilities consists of an extensive set of daily reports and monitoring activities on the server. Xcallibre reports can cover an extensive variety of areas of interest to system administrators, application administrators, business management and many others. These reports can facilitate tracking of customer usage, enabling those providing support to be proactive about fixing any errors that could occur.
The data provided in those reports includes summary and detailed information in the following areas: system activity, session activity, user errors, users logged on by location, time period, and sessions by site, pen strokes, pen detail, forms deployed by site and any other system information can be made readily available your the clients request.

Xcallibre has a team of data editors to ensure that the data which has been submitted by our clients has been recognized and translated correctly by the system.  This ensures that our clients receive a 100% conversation rate on all their data that is processed via Xcallibre.

Keywords: Digital Pen, Encryption, Pen And Paper