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By: Xanita  11-11-2011
Keywords: Sugar Cane, Lightweight Composite

Designer wood panels have just become lighter, thicker, greener and less labour intensive to work with. From recycled cellulose fibre-waste, comes X-Board Plus, a strong, firm panel that is lightweight, functional and aesthetically pleasing. X-Board Plus is the best possible green panel solution on the market today and will change the way the building industry works with timber and interior designs forever.

Xanita’s proprietary manufacturing process reduces the reliance on virgin wood fibres by channeling recycled cellulose fibre from kraft paper and sugar cane bagasse waste. This waste stream is converted into a high-strength to weight ratio corrugated fibreboard, branded “X-Core,” which delivers a host of benefits to all involved in the supply chain.

X-Board Plus (XB+) consists of X-Core panels pressed both sides, usually with E-Zero MDF, particleboard, Masonite or plywood, creating a lightweight composite panel with tough outer skins and lightweight, crush-resistant core.

X-Board Plus delivers the following benefits:

  • Lightweight – ease of handling
  • Saves Resources – replaces plantation timber
  • Functionality – high level of stability and ease of construction
  • Creative Freedom – thick panels weigh up to half the weight of thinner MDF panels
  • Multiple Applications – beams, doors, furniture, etc
  • Optimal Logistics – panel can be carried by hand
  • Ergonomics / OH&S – aids in reducing worker’s compensation claims

Keywords: Lightweight Composite, Sugar Cane,

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Other related benefits of weight reduction include savings on transport, handling, storage and damage costs, as the material is simply lighter and easier to work with. Hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of MDF and particleboard is produced using virgin wood fibres and non-recyclable fibre bonding agents such as urea formaldehyde.