X-board Kraft, Corrugated Kraft, Reinforced Board

By: Xanita  11-11-2011
Keywords: Paper Recycling, Recycled Paper, Construction Product

X-Board Kraft is being used in 1001 ways by creative design professionals.

For an eco-chic look and when you need to recycled your structures within 5 years, X-Board Kraft is a highly versatile, lightweight kraft composite board which offers designers and manufacturers an eco-alternative to MDF, particle board and non-renewable, polymer-based sheeting, typically used for short-term displays and structures.

X-Board’s crush-resistant corrugated kraft core is manufactured from post-consumer kraft and bagasse waste. The core material is sandwiched between laminated top and bottom layers of 350gsm kraft liner, creating a high strength-to-weight ratio, fully repulpable display board, which can be disposed of in industrial paper recycling bins.

For production runs, X-Board Kraft is best cut using a CNC router fitted with both oscillating knife and bevel-cut drag knife. For simple straight-cutting of low volume sheeting, (eg. hobby, DIY or set-building use) a heavy-duty Stanley-type knife, panel saw, jigsaw or vertical foam trimming machine may be used.

If one needs to hide the boards exposed kraft edges, for straight edges, X-Board can be double-mitre cut and folded back on itself, or one can apply a PVC C-channel edging with hot-melt glue gun, which can be removed before recycling the board after its useful life. This is supplied in 50m or 100m rolls in a variety of colours.

Common Applications:

• Structural, flat-packed, point-of-purchase displays
• Branded exhibition booth walls with matching promotional furniture
• Branded industrial packaging requiring high crush-resistance
• Art canvas frames
• Printed bookshelves and funky office furniture
• Custom-shaped standees
• Custom printed coffins
• Suspended bulkheads and retail hoardings
• Podiums
• In-store displays replacing MDF and particleboard
• Printed pinboards


A printable kraft-based, reinforced board with excellent stability and lay-flat properties for internal applications and short-term outdoor applications.

Product construction

Product consists of printable paper liner and inner kraft reinforced base. Specialised coatings and exceptional internal-fibre properties ensure optimum board stability.


10, 16, 22, 32mm gauge sheets are generally always in stock.

Sheet Size:

1220 x 2440mm
1220 x 2900mm
1220 x 3600mm  * indent


• Excellent printability with UV screen or inkjet printing equipment.
• Produced mostly from post-consumer recycled paper waste.
• No wax or polyethylene used in the manufacturing process
• Excellent stability in indoor conditions
• Flame-resistant to international B3 standard (Class II rating is achievable and available on request for volume orders)

Manufacture and Testing

X-Board is manufactured under stringent manufacturing process and quality control conditions. Product testing and development is conducted in accordance with international quality standards with the following quality certifications:

• OS 9000
• ISO 14001

Keywords: Construction Product, Paper Recycling, Product Construction, Recycled Paper,

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