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By: Xanita  11-11-2011
Keywords: Paper Recycling, Construction Product, Product Construction

A highly versatile, light-weight, pre-decorated kraft composite board available in a range of paper laminate finishes, offering designers an ultra-lightweight alternative panel to timber veneered MDF or particle board.

XBD with re-inforced paper laminates is suitable for semi-permanent applications lasting up to 5 years indoors.

X-Board’s crush-resistant corrugated kraft inner core is manufactured from post-consumer recycled kraft and bagasse waste. This core is sandwiched between laminated top and bottom layers of approx. 350gsm kraft paper, creating a strong, yet completely repulpable indoor construction board.

Amazingly, the entire board can be disposed of in industrial cardboard recycling bins. (The melamine paper skins are separated out in the paper recycling process)

Papers have been carefully selected by Xanita’s R&D team to ensure they can fold to 90 degrees without surface cracking. This allows for a range of cost-effective, creative, semi-permanent structures to be produced.

Processing Tips:

X-Board Decor Paper panels are best cut using a CNC table cutter fitted with both oscillating knife blade and V-groove drag knife. This allow for clean edges, where a standard router with spiral bit would produce a furry, rough edge.


A printable kraft-based, reinforced board with excellent stability and lay-flat properties for internal applications and short-term outdoor applications.

Product Construction

Product consists of printable paper liner and inner kraft reinforced base. Specialised coatings and exceptional internal-fibre properties ensure optimum board stability.

Board Dimensions:

1220 x 2440
1220 x 2900
1220 x 3050
1220 x 3600 * On request.


10mm, 16mm

Manufacture and Testing

X-Board is manufactured under stringent manufacturing process and quality control conditions. Product testing and development is conducted in accordance with international quality standards with the following quality certifications:

• ISO 9001
• OS 9000
• ISO 14001

Japanese manufactured Toppan “G-Effect” Scratch-Resistant Paper.

G-Effect is a new embossed finish for woodgrain papers introduced in May 2003 at Interzum in Cologne, Germany. It has the most advanced registered embossed effect and its application goes beyond furniture surfaces to include doors, wall paneling, profile wrapping, and so on.

Gravure printed embossed patterns available ex stock Brisbane include:

- White Cedar
- Witchwood
- Nordic Oak

Min. production run – 75 lineal metres.

Thousands of other patterns available on indent order.

Keywords: Construction Product, Paper Recycling, Product Construction

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X-board Kraft, Corrugated Kraft, Reinforced Board

For an eco-chic look and when you need to recycled your structures within 5 years, X-Board Kraft is a highly versatile, lightweight kraft composite board which offers designers and manufacturers an eco-alternative to MDF, particle board and non-renewable, polymer-based sheeting, typically used for short-term displays and structures.


X-Board Plus, Composite Panel, Designer Panel

X-Board Plus consists of X-Core panels pressed both sides, usually with E-Zero MDF, particleboard, Masonite or plywood, creating a lightweight composite panel with tough outer skins and lightweight, crush-resistant core. Xanita’s proprietary manufacturing process reduces the reliance on virgin wood fibres by channeling recycled cellulose fibre from kraft paper and sugar cane bagasse waste.


X-Core | Xanita International

Other related benefits of weight reduction include savings on transport, handling, storage and damage costs, as the material is simply lighter and easier to work with. Hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of MDF and particleboard is produced using virgin wood fibres and non-recyclable fibre bonding agents such as urea formaldehyde.