Welcome to WSM Leshika

By: Wsm Leshika  11-11-2011


Our professional team, many of whom have more than 20 years experience in their field, are able to offer amongst others, the following technical and ISD specialist skills:

Water Supply Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

  • bulk water supply feasibility studies, including demand analyses, resource evaluation and life cycle analyses
  • municipal, mining and agricultural water supply: design and construction supervision of bulk and reticulation systems
  • pump stations, pipeline and canal design
  • dam  and spillway design (Category   2)

Groundwater Specialist Services

  • groundwater resource evaluation and mapping
  • geophysical surveys
  • borehole siting, supervision of drilling and equipping of borehole
  • well field design, development, management and monitoring
  • hydro geological investigation for waste disposal sites and sanitation
  • design & installation of shallow wells and infiltration galleries
  • water licence applications
  • groundwater quality and pollution
  • groundwater modelling

Engineering geological Services

  • foundation investigations for township development, structures and roads
  • borrow pit investigations
  • waste disposal site investigations
  • cemetery site investigations

Mine Water Management

  • water balance
  • bulk water supply
  • storm water control
  • pollution monitoring design
  • permit application and licensing
  • mine dewatering design

Water Management

  • water supply system assessment and management
  • urban storm water master plan development
  • water supply master plan development
  • municipal water services management

Project Management

  • budget and financial control
  • tender and contract documentation
  • quality and progress control
  • reporting, evaluating and supervision of contractual procedures

Agricultural Engineering

  • irrigation system design
  • community food plot development
  • soil conservation structures design
  • agricultural structures design
  • Feedlot design
  • Mine Rehabilitation
  • Sub surface drainage design

Roads and Storm water drainage

  • planning and design of township roads, including storm water drainage
  • planning and design of parking areas
  • planning geometric layouts of intersections
  • design of storm water drainage systems
  • sizing of storm water culverts
  • investigation into road rehabilitation

Surface Water Hydrology

  • river flood peak and associated flood line determination
  • surface water resources evaluation
  • water allocation and sharing
  • storm water system analysis and design

ISD Expertise

  • Community scoping / profiling
  • Project specific facilitation and liaison
  • Compilation of business plan outlining social and training  requirements
  • Social impact assessment
  • Development and Promulgation of Municipal By-Laws