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By: Worldwide Realtors Company  11-11-2011
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This is a very popular question that is asked by newbie golfers, “when should I change my golf clubs’, the answers Don’t if you Don’t have to. Golf clubs are actually designed for at least a life time of 10 years. This means that if they are being used for the game only then you should not have a major problem, however if you are using your golf club for other purposes then that might just require you to change your club.

But the truth is really that clubs can be changed as technology improves, moving from wooden clubs to metal clubs and now the popular graphite golf clubs. Hence when you ask, when do I change my golf clubs? The answer will be when a better one is built. However this does not mean that you should not maintain your Golf club. This actually is determined by the wear and tear on the Golf club grip. Grips will make or break your golf game and its very important to get a good golf club grip. A good one is the one below: have a look –

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However here is a step by step guide on how to change your golf club grip:

A. Remove the old golf grip using a small but sharp knife to cut it off removing old tape in the process.

B. Use a cleaning solvent on a wet cloth to clean the shaft of the golf club where the old grip was then allow it to dry.

C. Place the center of the golf club shaft in a vise shaft holder – Here is one we recommend

[eminimall height="60" products="vise shaft holder"]

D. Measure and line up where the new golf club grip will fit then hold the new grip in one hand and press it alongside the bare shaft of the golf club, take care to align the bottom of the golf club grip with the end of the shaft of the golf club. Then use a marker to make a line opposite to the side of where the grip ends toward the top of the club.

E. Use the double-sided tape and placing one end where you made the pencil mark and slowly run the tape on the length sticking the tape along the shaft to the end.

[eminimall height="60" products="double sided tape"]

F. Trim the tape off the roll at the shaft’s end, then carefully wrap your piece around the shaft, overlapping the tape’s width as necessary.

G. Take the new golf club grip and plug one end by placing a golf tee in the little hole at its end and then pour some solvent inside the grip. Try this solvent:

[eminimall height="60" products="solvent"]

H. Place a finger or thumb over the open end of the grip, leave the tee-plug at the bottom, and shake the entire grip. This allows the solvent to spread throughout the interior of the grip.

I. Spray or pour additional solvent onto the taped portion of the shaft.

J. Pull the golf tee out of the end of the grip, then slide the grip onto the shaft, over the tape. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to slide the grip on. If it’s hard to slide it on, use more solvent, either inside the grip or on the tape.

K. Remove the club from the vise shaft holder and vise.

L. Hold the club as if you were hitting a shot. Adjust the grip gently so that it’s straight on the club, making sure any pattern on the grip is not twisted around the shaft.

M. Work your hands up and down the golf shaft, pressing the grip firmly against the club to seat the adhesive.

N. Let the grip dry for about 10 hours before using.

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