WireMasters Services - Laser Mark, Cut and Strip, Stripping, Dyeing & Respooling

By: Wiremasters  11-11-2011
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Value Added Services

In addition to providing the highest quality wire and cable available, WireMasters® can create a specialized product just for your company.

Our value added services include

  • Cut and Strip Services
  • Stripping Wire
  • Dyeing Wire
  • Cut and Mark Tubing
  • Printing on Wire (including in-house custom cables)
  • Custom Barcoding
  • Custom Respooling
  • Kitting

We will cut your wire to any length, mark it to your specification, test it for loss of current, spool it, apply your custom bar code and ship it to you quickly. If your order does not involve a value added process, it will typically ship the same day it is ordered. At WireMasters® , our priority is going the extra mile to give our customers peace of mind.

  • Custom Work
    • Have a job that needs a custom cable? WireMasters® can work with your engineers to create a cable or other product specifically for your application. This ensures not only the quality of the parts going into your project, but consistency over the life of the machine as replacement cables will adhere to the exact specifications of the original equipment.
    • A custom cable from WireMasters® makes it easier to re-order parts as your cable will have a unique product number and allow WireMasters® to keep a supply in inventory so you can always get replacements quickly.
  • Same Day Shipping 
    • Every minute you don’t have the part you need means money out of your pocket. WireMasters® understands. Thanks to our large inventory, it is very likely that we will ship your order the same day you place it. We work quickly, but more importantly, we work accurately – providing you with the quality products and service that has been our hallmark since 1988.
    • Our goal is to support our customers. If you need it to ship today, and we have it in our warehouse, we will go the second mile to assure it ships today.

Keywords: Cables, Custom Cable, Ship, Wire