Wireless Home Security Early Warning Intruder Technology

By: Wirelessalert  11-11-2011
Keywords: Sirens, Burglar Alarm, Delivered Directly

WirelessAlert specializes in Early Warning systems.

Early Warning and Burglar Alarms(?) – what on earth is the difference?

Burglar Alarms need little introduction:

  • How Burglar Alarms function; monitoring indoors and triggering sirens & armed response; has barely changed in 30 years – even though crime and criminals are entirely different!
  • You have a burglar alarm only because insurance insists on it.  And, why wouldn’t insurance insist… burglar alarms are excellent at protecting your insured valuables when you’re out
  • Perhaps you’ve invested to upgrade your alarm with outdoor beams; and perhaps you sleep with your burglar alarm armed, but (because of the sirens and armed response) you probably don’t use it between 5pm and midnight – when 58% of robberies, ambushes, and attacks occur

Now, before we discuss Early Warning Systems (and how they differ from Burglar Alarms); What has changed in crime trends?

Miniaturization and the Constitutionto start with.

  • 3, 2, and even 1 decade ago; when burglar alarms were conceived and effective, valuables were bulky – the hot items were VCRs, Microwaves, etc – not the kind of thing a robber could stuff in his pockets and flee with
  • The legal system and honest citizens had teeth – criminals thought twice about invading homes when residents were home.

Today criminals get away with murder… literally.

In terms of what they want… it is your cell phone, laptop, keys to car and safe, ipod, etc. that attract robbers.

Since you carry that conveniently pocket-sized bounty with you, the only way to get it is to target you when you’re home – preferably during the early evening when alarms are off, doors are unlocked, and normal home noises provide cover.

The Solution?

Early warning…

Let burglar alarms protect your valuables (when you’re out); and put an early warning security system to work for you and your family – to protect you, personally.

You don’t need the drama of sirens and armed response – you need intelligent warnings:

The instant a robber trespasses; You need detailed, specific, pinpoint and customized information about the breach delivered directly to all those who need to know – household members (both inside the house and to their cell phones when they’re out), neighbours and armed response.

WirelessAlert systems are dedicated to this task.


Keywords: Burglar Alarm, Delivered Directly, Sirens

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Wireless Perimeter Security Early Warning Intruder Technology

You have a routine for turning machines on, off, and monitoring their output, temperature, or other element of function… so why consider a different way. Securing and managing your business infrastructure can be confusing, cumbersome and expensive; but not with WirelessAlert products. Your standard burglar alarm satisfies insurance – so what more is there to consider.


Early warning wireless security alarm systems

Telemetry: Our expertise in RF and GSM security technologies have given us the leading edge to offer ‘via-cell-phone’ automation, monitoring, and management systems known as “telemetry devices”. Detectors are available in different types, engineered to do different jobs – Perimeter Beams, Passive Infra-Red, Door/Window contacts, smoke detectors, etc.


Sensors/Detectors | WirelessAlert

By combining these detectors as and when you need them, you can perfectly customize a security solution to your exact needs; so that you invest a minimum amount on day one, but can easily upgrade as your needs and budget change. All WirelessAlert sensors are encoded to link directly to all WirelessAlert Receivers and Security Hubs. All WirelessAlert sensors and detectors are wireless (we do also offer wired units on request).


Cost-effectively secure your 20 to 600 meter perimeter ease

Beams typically need to be wired to a power source, and the cost of labour to wire them makes the cost of the beam itself almost insignificant.Battery powered beams are available, but the batteries are prohibitively expensive and need regular replacing.