Cost-effectively secure your 20 to 600 meter perimeter ease

By: Wirelessalert  11-11-2011
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The initial appeal of WirelessAlert’s Solar-Powered Dual Optic Beams are their low *installed-cost.


Reliability is the key to your safety; a reliable intruder detector is one you won’t hesitate to use.  WirelessAlert’s Solar Beam is just such a device; it is a round-the-clock guard monitoring your perimeter that you’ll learn to utterly trust.

Use our WirelessAlert Solar Beam to protect your boundary, and you will enjoy sound sleep and peace-of-mind for years to come.

* Beams typically need to be wired to a power source, and the cost of labour to wire them (not to mention the mess and aggravation  it creates, and time it takes to do the installation) makes the cost of the beam itself almost insignificant.
Battery powered beams are available, but the batteries are prohibitively expensive and need regular replacing.
So – when you compare beam prices, never forget to the labour cost, and make your decisions based on installed cost.

Get Voice &/or Sms Warnings

When an intruder is detected crossing your perimeter, the Solar Beam wirelessly transmits a rolling-code radio pulse to WirelessAlert’s receiver units (our various TextAlert, VoiceAlert or other alarm panel/GSM base units).

Or… Upgrade Your Existing (indoor) Alarm

If all you want is to upgrade your indoor alarm system with the best perimeter Beam money can buy, then the WirelessAlert Solar Beam is perfect for you.

It’s simple, cheap and aggravation free to have multiple Solar Beam wirelessly trigger our dedicated receiver unit; the receiver unit is simply wired directly into your alarm panel, and your standard indoor alarm is instantly upgraded with full outdoor detection capabilities; in minutes your perimeter is fully protected at a faction of the cost you’d expect to pay – no mess, no fuss, no wait.

Low-Powered Hi-Tech

WirelessAlert’s Solar Perimeter Beams are a cutting edge technological wonder: Superior electronic architecture and engineering gives Solar Beams ease & cost of installation, and performance advantages that no competitor comes close to matching.

Once fully charged by the sun, WirelessAlert Beams can operate up to 30-days without any sunlight at all. And, it is worth noting; the last time there was absolutely no sun for 30 days was 65-million years ago(!) so it’s a pretty safe bet that

Performance that good, quite frankly, almost defies belief and physics: But, this performance is a FACT; the Beams are in our store room ready for your order


Whether you’re on a farm or protecting an institutional sized boundary up to 600m long with a single pair of beams, or simply need to cover your 20m garden fence – for a fraction of the cost and aggravation of installers digging and grinding their way across your property – we can deliver you precisely that round-the-clock peace of mind.


Guarded Perimeter: 100 Metres (30m, 60m and 600m ranges available upon request) – distance between beam pairs

No of Beams:  2 / Dual optic

Detection Mode: Both beams/optics blocked at the same time

Optical Source: Active Infra – Red Digitally Pulsed Beam

Alarm Output: Wireless RF Alarm Signal, no relay or contact output

Frequency: 433 Mhz & pulsed to latch only to our Panel

Transmission range: 100M to 500M in open space, line of sight – differentWirelessAlert signal booster/repeaters available can extend range up to from 300m to 5km

Power Supply: 3.6V Solar Power Charging Lithium Battery

Power Consumption: <0.2mA

Operating temp: -15 deg C  to 40 deg C

Optical adjustment Axis: 180 deg Horizontal, 20 deg Vertical +/-

Material: Polycarbonate Resin

Dimensions: 272mm x 74mm  x 94mm

Keywords: Alarm

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