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By: Winfreight  11-11-2011
Keywords: Freight Management, Freight Management System

Winfreight is a freight management system developed to effectively control all the daily operations within the logistics industry. The system centralizes all data input across the different function areas into a single system, making it easier for business owners/managers to control the flow of data within their business. Winfreight system has 3 variations which were specifically designed according to industry demand, as below:

Winfreight Additional Plug-ins

Client In-house system
The Winfreight in-house system is a standalone system that is easily deployed to your client's premises to assist with Waybill\Label printing, waybill capture\billing, quoting, and manifesting. Data is electronically transferred to the head office to prevent double capturing and streamline the entire in-house process.

POD Mailer
The is an automatic response system that will reply to email request with the requested POD information. Clients simply send an email to an email address that has been designated for these requests (, with the waybill number\s in the subject line and the system will reply to the email with the POD details. If an image is available, the system will attach the image to the reply. The benefits of this system are two fold:

  1. Eliminate the need for over staffed POD departments to handle all incoming POD requests.
  2. Give the client some piece of mind that they can request a POD anytime of the day and get a quick & effective response.

Winfreight Standard

Courier & distribution.

Winfreight Broker

Road Freight & Brokerage.

Winfreight Air

Air Freight agents.

Some Standard Features:

  1. Automatic Waybill Billing (Client & 3rd Party)
  2. Waybill Quick Capture - Ensure freight is manifested on time.
  3. Quoting
  4. Customer Management
  5. Add various Rates Structures
  6. 3rd party account recon module
  7. Profit\Loss per waybill / client / route / 3rd party etc
  8. Print Waybills and Labels
  9. Customer Pre-Prints
  10. Collections Management
  11. Manifesting - Linehaul and Local
  12. Invoicing & Financials
  13. POD Management
  14. Delivery Timeline - manage delivery days allowances
  15. Document Imaging
  16. Track & Trace (Local & Online)
  17. Bar-coding and handheld scanner integration
  18. Comprehensive Reporting (Financial, operational , production etc)
  19. Network Compatible
  20. Pastel accounting interface
  21. Access control - username\password limits users access
  22. Staff production reports.
  23. Sms integration
  24. Interest calculation on overdue accounts.
  25. Automatic Discount calculation
  26. Min\Max expenditure by a client (Sliding Scales)
  27. Freight Type (Break Bulk , Containers etc)
  28. Origin\Destination of shipments
  29. Agreed Waivers (Surcharges etc)
  30. Automatic Penalty discounts.

Winfreight Broker Unique Features:

  1. Multiple pickup\delivery instructions
  2. Profit loss per operator

Winfreight Air Unique Features:

  1. Rewards managements
  2. Waybill register - Keep track of waybills sent to clients
  3. Claims register
  4. Comprehensive discount calculations

The Winfreight Online system is an internet based processing\tracking system that plugs into any of our Winfreight versions, and can also be used as a standalone system. The system is entirely internet based; eliminating the need for any installation\configuration, all that is needed is an active internet connection.

The Winfreight Online system is split into 4 modules that can be purchased separately or as a whole:

Client Track & Trace

Allows clients to log in and view their waybill\POD information. If available - scanned POD images can also be downloaded or printed. Client have the ability to search by date range, waybill no, or unique reference no. POD reports\downloads are also available for client use - eliminating time consuming queries.

Branch Track & Trace

Allows staff to process\retrieve information from anywhere in the country\world providing they have an active internet connection. No installation/configuration is required, making this a cost effective solution when setting up additional branches or satellite offices. Another major advantage of this system is that it allows pre-configured users to process on the system from home, fitting in with a new global trend of setting up employee home offices. Secure login credentials & session timeout policies are used at all times to ensure high levels of data security. Below are some of the features of the branch Track & Trace system:

  1. Waybill Capture/Billing
  2. POD capture/retrieval
  3. Customer/rates/3rd party management
  4. reporting

3rd Party Track & Trace

Allows your 3rd party's to log into the system and capture POD information relating to deliveries they have done on behalf of you. This eliminates timely delays in getting POD information back to your office once a delivery has been done.

Online in-house system

The online system assists your in-house staff with Waybill\Label printing, waybill capture\billing, quoting, and manifesting, to streamline your in-house operations. The system is live at all times, eliminating the need to transfer data between the in-house and your head office. As soon as a waybill is captured at in-house level, it will be visible to the rest of your network.

Warehouse-IT is a warehouse management System designed to mange all the operations within a warehousing environment. The Warehouse-It system can be setup to run in 2 modes:

Serial No. Mode

This mode uses a unique serial no for each item that is entering or leaving the warehouse. This mode would suit companies warehousing unique products that need to be tracked\monitored individually. (e.g.: Computer parts.)

Batch Mode

This mode does not distinguish between products of the same type and simply use the QTY variable to control stock. This would suit companies warehousing bulk items that do not need to be tracked\monitored individually.(e.g.: Plastic bottles)

Below are some of the key features of the Warehouse-IT system:

  1. GRN Management
  2. Dispatch Management
  3. Multiple warehouse\item management
  4. RFT
  5. Print picking slips and delivery notes
  6. Stock control
  7. Item tracking
  8. Stock movement tracking
  9. Serial No. tracking
  10. Faulty items tracking and reporting
  11. Bulk item re-location
  12. Comprehensive reporting
  13. Financials
  14. Broking Module
  15. Barcoding and handheld scanner interface.
  16. SMS interface
  17. Stock Variances
  18. Document Imaging

The warehouse-IT online system plugs into any of our warehouse-IT systems and allows clients to login to the system via the internet and view\manage their warehouses. Clients can only view warehouses relating to their login credentials. Depending on the level of access a client has been given, the client can do the following functions:

  1. View stock levels
  2. Edit bins\warehouse details
  3. Upload images of items to specific bins
  4. Process online GRN requests
  5. Create their own home page for their online warehouse.
  6. Advertise products and or partners.

The warehouse-IT online system is extremely powerful and remains at the forefront of online data warehousing technology. It can be used by an existing warehousing company that wants to give their clients complete visibility of their products being warehoused, or by a retailer who wishes to advertise & sell their products via the e-commerce model.

Custom Development

Established in 1990, our senior partners collectively have over 30 years of experience in software design and development, and although our expertise lie in the logistics / banking / financial / and travel sectors, we have developed custom solutions for many other industry sectors. Our methodology & flexibility allows us to incorporate solutions for a whole host of sectors into our portfolio.

Using technologies such as, c#,, Visual basic, SQL Server and MS access we can custom develop any IT solution to match your budget.

Website Development

We offer corporate website design and development at a competitive cost.

With the increasing number of businesses competing in the same competitive markets, it is extremely important to have a website displaying your corporate identity and offerings.

Keywords: Freight Management, Freight Management System