Wilgers Trauma Unit

By: Wilgers Trauma  11-11-2011
Keywords: Doctors, Trauma, Wound Care

-           On your doorstep
-           Offering a 24 hour emergency service
-           Fully equipped to manage severe trauma

-           Comfortably managing minor ailments
-           Providing continuity with permanent staff
-           Offering a comprehensive service
-           Providing you with a safe-haven

We also offer these additional services:

Wound care is an integral part of the running of our emergency unit.  At the Wilgers Emergency Unit we believe in doing what we do well.  For this reason we have organized our wound care service and are fortunate to have this service provided by A trained wound care sister.   She cares for the wounds personally and consults on an appointment basis – quite the contrary to our emergency patients!!The wound care provided in this unit includes care of the following:

  • Traumatic wounds (lacerations / abrasions / skin loss / dog bites…)

  • Burn wounds

  • Post-operative wound care

  • Chronic wounds (pressure sores / ulcers )

  • Oncology / Radiotherapy induced wounds

  • Diabetic Foot care

We find that continuity in caring for a wound is extremely important.  Acute wounds are treated immediately, and our other wound care patients are usually booked for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays although exceptions are made if a wound requires it.  Feel free to contact the unit and make an appointment to see our wound care staff for your wound…

 HOTLINE  0860 872862 (0860 TRAUMA)

Our Hotline is manned by trained trauma doctors and nursing staff and can provide you with emergency advice whilst, for instance, awaiting the arrival of an ambulance… We do not accept non-emergency calls on the line for obvious reasons and will not handle administrative enquiries to this number…


Why There Is Sometimes a Wait?

The philosophy of emergency services is not first come, first served, but rather is based on the severity of a person's condition. Someone suffering from a heart attack or stroke, for example, must be seen before a patient with a severe earache. The length of time that patients sometimes spend waiting before being seen is perhaps the most common complaint about any hospital emergency department.

At Wilgers Trauma, the staff is always mindful of each patient's convenience and does everything possible to reduce the wait. But sometimes delivering quality care to a seriously ill or injured person takes time. Of course, more physicians and nurses could be added to an emergency department's staff in order to speed service, but this would raise the cost of health care for the consumer. And because no one can ever predict when an emergency department will be busy in a given week, it is impossible to arrange extra staffing only during "busy times," although additional doctors often are on call to come in if needed.

For a patient who has been waiting to see a doctor to have stitches for a lacerated finger, it can be frustrating to see a person treated immediately who drove himself to the hospital and walked in under his own power, without an obvious problem. But what may not be obvious is that the person's reason for coming to the Emergency Unit was chest pain, which is considered a high-risk situation by the emergency staff.

Please be assured that we will do all we can to ensure that you receive the best of care in the most efficient way possible.

Keywords: Doctors, Trauma, Wound Care