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Order instructions
An order form is filled in for every client that brings their trophies to our facility. The client is also given a copy of the order form to keep for his records. Each trophy is awarded an unique tag number that is also recorded on this order form as well as on the taxidermy computer program. To eliminate confusion that may occur on how the client would like his trophies mounted, all orders are also recorded on a work board that shows the progress of each mount.

Please ensure that we receive the address to where you would like your trophies shipped. We also require your telephone, fax and e-mail details where possible, as both we, the shipping company and the importing agents will require this information so that we may notify you when your consignment will be picked up, crated and shipped out. Receipt of dry salted trophies
We will ensure that you receive good quality trophies provided that we receive all hides and horns in good condition. It is the responsibility of the Hunting Outfitter and your Professional Hunter to ensure that all trophies are dried, salted and treated to avoid hair slip or damage to the hides. They are also responsible to either drop off your trophies at our facility or make arrangements with us to pick up your trophies after you have returned home. S.C.I Measurers
We are official S.C.I. measurers and will measure your trophies on request. It is advisable that measurements are taken as soon as possible, because shrinkage may occur as the horns dry out. Shipping
We use a very reliable shipping company, Tracks Freight, for all our shipping needs. They are based in Gauteng near the airport and we’ve been working with them since we the taxidermy was started. However, if you prefer to use another shipping company, please notify us so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Each client’s crate is custom built to fit all his trophies. Your trophies are crated on site.The charge for your crate, packing, documentation, and transportation from the premises of Wildlife Taxidermy to Johannesburg International Airport is not included in the prices on our price list. Your shipping cost is not included In the taxidermy prices and the shippers will contact you either by phone, fax or e-mail with a quote for the shipping either by air or by sea. Payment
A 50 % deposit is required before work is started on your trophies. We will send you an invoice you for the outstanding balance due as soon as your mounts are completed and ready to be picked up by our shipping company. Payments can be made by credit card, wire transfers, or cheque. All our prices are in US$ but we can convert them to other currencies if necessary. Please note that there is a 5 % bank charge on all credit card transactions. Value added tax
VAT (Value Added Tax) of 4,2 % is charged on all taxidermy work as required by law. On raw prep or dipped horn and hides, 14 % VAT is applicable. Changes in US Regulations
Regulations in the United States have change in the past few months and can have an influence on the time it takes to receive your trophies. Packaging: Each clients trophies have to be crated separately. This is a new arrangement required by the USA. Trophies must remain in South Africa for a minimum of 90 days before shipping.
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