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By: Whizkid  11-11-2011
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Our nline school management software gives you the opportunity to have more connectivity with students and parents. The right school management software is something that can make every teacher's life much, much easier. It is an interactive platform for schools which streamlines administrative tasks such as school management & scheduling, classroom management, school administration, class timetabling and scheduling etc.

WhizKid school relationship management system streamlines school registration and school management with automatic back-office administration, timetable facilities, student data, school accounting and classroom management and enables educational institutions to focus on teaching and enriching the lives of students. Our school management software provides convenience for parents and students, and automated administration and financial management for learning institutions and their staff.

We'll make your lives easier. Online automated marks/grades, no more calculators or double and triple entries, create a discussion group and watch your students interact like never before. Comment on their daily weekly or monthly behaviour. WhizKid encourages communication with students and parents, leading to less blame placed on the teacher, all is transparent to the parents.

The younger generations love technology, so why not use it to their advantage. WhizKid helps students stay organized, track homework, projects and assignments, they can access online discussions, tutorials or relevant content. Students can communicate with each other or with staff and teachers, privately and securely. Whizkid opens a whole new world of educational tools online to students

Get your parents involved in their children's schooling career, as well as school community. Parents can now, instead of surfing the internet at work for trivial information, now surf and check on their childrens progress, check on new school activities, Parents will naturally become more involved with the school. Parents are able to update their personal information leading to schools always having current information at hand. Parents can fill in permission slips and other forms online, relieving significant administrative burdens for schools. Parents can view their children’s upcoming homework, tests and and assignments, they can also more openly and easily communicate with both the school and teachers.

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