Are you eating yourself sick

By: What Really Makes Money  11-11-2011

Ever felt tired, listless, stressed, overweight or just plain ill? Well it could all be down to your diet..

Something we’re sure you’ve heard 1,000 times before..

But it might NOT your willpower or calorie intake… It could be your liver… Your nutritional equilibrium… Your immune system… The food you’re eating at a certain time of year… Or even the types of calories you’re eating.

Imagine.. No more slimming bars, magic pills or calorie-counting diets. No more avoiding fat, no more exercising till you drop. Now you can fight illness, help supercharge your health AND at last work towards that slim, firm body you’ve always wanted – simply by eating tasty, power-packed natural foods that your body needs – at exactly the right time it needs it!

For years we’ve been told to eat less fat or eat nothing but greens or work like a cart horse at the gym.. All in the name of good health… At the risk of making it sound too easy… The truth is, you could lose all the weight you want. And you don’t have to “work” for it.

Another quick weight loss plan?

You’re right to be skeptical! Every time you look up there’s another “new” or “quick” way to lose weight. Everyone is cashing in on your weight struggles. “Weight control” is no longer a health concern… It’s a multi-billion rand industry! Let’s face it. You’ll never get a REAL solution to your weight problem from those who’ll go broke if you can figure out how to get – and stay – thin.

While fad diets can help you lose weight in the short term they’re often difficult to stick to and can weaken the health and functioning of your body’s organs, which can ultimately lead to illness. They often lead to a pattern of yo-yo dieting too, whereby periods of strict dieting are interspersed with periods of over-eating.

This can have a detrimental effect on your metabolism because restricting your calorie intake too drastically or skipping meals in the hope of losing weight slows your metabolic rate right down. This makes losing weight far more difficult as your body tries to hang on to extra fat in an attempt to ward off what it perceives as a period of starvation.

We’ve looked for (and found) causes (and solutions!) in surprising and previously unsuspected places: In other words, if you can’t lose weight, it’s probably NOT because you lack willpower. More likely, you’re suffering from one of the hidden causes of weight gain we’ve discovered.

Free yourself from the core cause of your weight gain. The key to the slender, energetic new you is just a few paragraphs away…

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