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By: Wh Machine Tools  11-11-2011
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W.H. Machine Tool Services offers an extensive range of standard and custom shapes plus accessories for the TRUMPF tool system.

  • Standard
    • Round
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Oblong
    • D-Shape
    • Gillette
  • Multitool


The company DIETZ offers an extensive range of standard and custom shapes for the TRUMPF and AMADA tool system. Clients can benefit from the special features of the DIETZ ALLROUND 2000 and ALLROUND 2005 tool series.


For your production shop to be competitive you need to eliminate inefficiencies in your work-flow. Manual setups on your machines are the weak link. Recover this wasted time and be at the top of your game.

Integrated Tooling Systems for EDM AND WEDM

MTS - The Zeropoint Tooling in Application


EROWA Selfcentering vice 148 P/i
Mechanically precise - stable - well designed - practical.
Superior Steel
The entire body of the centering vise is made from stainless, hardened steel. To keep the rigidity as high as possible, both pallet and base of the vise are cut from one single block. In spite of that fact, the center of the vise is adjustable.

The future of punching and forming is changing rapidly: it is becoming more complex, faster, more precise and all with complete documentation, up to the highest number of strokes. Innovative product requirements by your customers and continuous cost pressure force you to take product and tool to the limits of feasibility on a daily basis.

The ultimate for Quality Manufacturing. Measuring, Monitoring and control for Stamping, Coining and Metal forming


Memodübel the Data archive
With integrated AUTORUN-Software
For data memory of:

  • Tables & Lists
  • Drawing & Programs
  • Notes & Documents
  • Pictires & Videos



In fashion - Cut-to-length lines for shaped plates
Tailored blanks for the automobile industry or even shaped plates for the building engineering sector can today be reliably manufactured from the coil.

Punching units
ARKU has many years of experience with flexible cut-to-length lines. Cut-to-length lines can be equipped with punching and embossing units. This makes it possible to produce any individual hole pattern.

FlatMaster® - The parts levelers series for sheet thicknesses up to 50 mm

Parts levelers &Parts straighteners
ARKU has been building parts levelers since the middle of the 1960s. As experts in leveling equipment, we have been synonymous with high quality expectations from the very beginning.

With its EcoMaster® and FlatMaster® ranges, ARKU offers electromechanical and hydraulic parts levelers. The integrated leveling gap control and the quick-change straightening roll system make the FlatMaster® unique. Parts levelers for carrying out leveling tests are permanently available in the ARKU leveling centre.

EcoMaster® levelers deliver an excellent leveling result. ARKU's operator friendly philosophy ensures maximum levels of production and minimal downtime.

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