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By: Wesgo Metals  11-11-2011
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MTC Wesgo Metals manufactures and supplies a wide range of precious and non-precious high-purity, low vapor pressure brazing alloys in various forms. Many readily available items are offered.

Simply provide the alloy/material type and dimensions as listed below and Wesgo® Metals will provide you with the best materials available.

Configuration Required Dimenisons* Unit of Measure
Disc OD, Thickness Each
Wire Segments Length, Diameter Each
Sheeet Width, Thickness Length or Weight
Shims Length, Width, Thickness Each
Ring OD, Wire Diameter Gap Each
Washers OD, ID, Thickness Each
Wire Diameter Length or Weight
Powder Mesh Size Weight
Paste Mesh Size, Binder Type Weight

 *Standard tolerances apply for individual dimensions.

For specially designed preforms and complex configurations Wesgo® Metals can work with your drawings to meet your specific needs.

Keywords: Brazing Alloys, Metals

Other products and services from Wesgo Metals


Brazing Products - Braze Materials

Whether you need to utilise precious or non-precious braze alloys, high purity metals, active brazing technology or pre-sintered preforms, we can offer high performance products and cost effective, volume manufacturing. MTC Wesgo Metals material engineers work with you to produce joining materials that are fit for purpose and meet your specific requirements. Turnkey Assembly and Brazing Service.


Pre Sintered Preforms - PSP Preforms

PSP™ is a customized blend of superalloy and braze powders in either a plate form or specific shape allows selective build-up of worn surfaces to be achieved quickly and efficiently offering savings in time and cost. The porosity of custom performs is less than 2%, so little or no shrinkage occurs–this is a major advantage of MTC Wesgo Metals' PSPs™ over traditional brazing pastes and green tapes.


Ceramic to Metal Brazing Services

With our wide experience of combined brazing and alloy development, we have expanded our Active Braze Alloys’ unique features to solve other challenges, such as adding robust thick metallization pads and traces for electrical circuits. Our in-house turnkey assembly and braze capabilities are ideal for high reliability applications such as feedthrus, heat exchangers, vacuum interrupters, laser assemblies, electrosurgical tools, and waveguides.


Active Brazing - Active Braze Alloys

ABA®’s are available in Gold, Silver, Titanium and Copper based materials and offer highly reliable hermetic seal between ceramic and metal for both oxide and non-oxide ceramics. Impurity Limits – All other metallic impurities having a vapor pressure higher than 10-7 mm Hg at 500°C are limited to .002% each. One-step brazing with ABA® replaces metallizing, firing and electroplating, offering savings in time and cost.