Waveguide Components

By: Wenteq Microwave  11-11-2011

index: waveguide section, waveguide bend, waveguide twist, waveguide transition, waveguide coaxial adapter, waveguide switch, waveguide-T, magic-T, directional coupler, cross coupler, attenuator, waveguide termination, standard gain horn

Wenteq Microwave Corporation's waveguide component products covers frequency from 2.6GHz to 110GHz.

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RF/Microwave Isolators and Circulators

Wenteq Microwave Corporation offers a wide range of narrow and wide bandwidth RF and microwave isolator and circulator products in coaxial, drop-in and waveguide configurations. Coaxial connectorized isolator and circulator, drop-in isolator and circulator, waveguide isolator and circulator. These products cover the frequency range from 20MHz to 40GHz.


Drop-in RF and Microwave Circulators

RF microwave, drop-in circulator page.


Connectorized RF and Microwave Isolators

RF microwave, coaxial connectorized isolator page.