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By: Wellcare Medical  11-11-2011
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18″ Comfort Lightweight

Product Code: W01ADF


  • Full aluminium wheelchair
  • Light, Durable

C.P Positioning Chair

Product Code: WO3AN


  • Aluminium Frame, Seat and Backrest Angle Adjustable.
  • Detachable Armrest With Height Adjustable And Elevating Footrest
  • Pediatric Wheelchair

Comfort Lightweight – Rigid

Product Code: W01ADE


  • Weighs below 14kg, light, durable
  • Adjustable to individual use.

Comfort Lightweight – Economy

Product Code: W01ADD


  • Semi-aluminium wheelchair, durable, adjustable.
  • Active users / rural users

Comfort Lightweight – Standard

Product Code: W01ADA


  • Weighs below 14kg, light, durable
  • Adjustable for individual use.
  • For active wheelchair users.

Comfort Stand-Up: Electric

Product Code: W01AJE


  • Affordable, Functional
  • Highly adjustable for individual use
  • Suitable for severe mobility impaired patients

Comfort Buggy

Product Code: W01AG


  • Sizes 12” and 14” have recliner option

Comfort Recliner

Product Code: W01AC


  • Specialised seating & adjustable features.
  • Suitable for frail & assistant dependant patients.

Comfort Amputee – Econo

Product Code: W01AI


  • Durable, collapsible.
  • Suitable for bilateral amputees

Comfort One Arm Drive

Product Code: W01AH


  • Adapt to any steel wheelchair
  • Modified from either left or right arm drive.
  • Suitable for hemiplegic patients.

Comfort Transporter

Product Code: W01AE


  • Use in Hospitals, Airports, Bus stations.
  • Can be accessorised  (drip stands…etc.)
  • Suitable for public with slight mobility impairments & assistant dependant patients

Comfort Heavy Duty Hospital Transporter

Product Code: W01AFE


  • Individually modified for hospital patients.
  • Temporary hospital patients.

Medi-Right Economy

Product Code: W03AA


  • Affordable.
  • Suitable for old age patients & temporary users.

20″ Comfort Heavy Duty

Product Code: W01AF


  • Durable, Collapsible, customising options.
  • Suitable for permanently disabled users.

14”- 22” Comfort Standard

Product Code: W01ABA


  • Durable, can be customised
  • Suitable for permanent & frail patients

12” Comfort Standard

Product Code: W01ABC


  • Collapsible, durable, can be customised.
  • Suitable for permanent & frail patients.

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