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By: Webtech Originals  11-11-2011
Keywords: logo design, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine

  • We specialise in original and attractive web design suited to our clients' needs and requirements.
  • We deem it of the utmost importance that background research on each and every project is done to ensure accurate site content.
  • Attention to detail in site navigation.
  • Constant testing to ensure optimimum download speeds of final product.
  • We ensure browser compatibility as many users are accustomed to using browsers other than Internet Explorer which can result in your website looking distorted.
  • Each website is search engine optimised prior to being uploaded to the internet.

Search engine optimisation is an itegral part of your website without which your website becomes a lost cause. If your website is not "written" correctly, does not contain the correct content, layout, headings and writing style, it will lose out in terms of how search engines "rank the importance" of your website.

BOTTOM LINE - badly written, bad performer.

Search engine technology changes constantly and is one of a constant learning curve. No sooner have you learnt to conquer when Google throws you a new curve ball! Update your website if you havn't done so recently - you'll be amazed by the results.

  • Good photography sells the product!
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Mini CD's
  • Slide Shows
  • Virtual Tours

We assist in creating a complete company image for you. From logo design through to your stationery, website, electronic stationery etc. Advice on marketing strategy and portfolio management.

Keywords: logo design, Search Engine, Search Engine Optimisation