Webshift 2.0 Services

By: Webshift  11-11-2011

What is Webshift?

Webshift is a cross-browser, mobile friendly template website. We’re not all daytime IT techies, so here’s what that means: your website will be viewable on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Google and Safari without broken images or lines and loops in the wrong places. Webshift is mobile friendly, meaning all  the content such as text and images resize automatically so that mobile phones and pads can browse the site without things getting cut off at the edges.

How does it work?

Well, you tell us what you want your site to do. We look at which pages you need and together decide on a site structure. Then, we can either find you a designer (one of our own guys or someone else who’s work we really, really like), or you can find one. You give us what you have in terms of logos or branding, or we design all that for you if you’re just starting off. Then, you give us the images and words you have (or we write copy for you and create images), and we upload it for you. Once everything’s in the right place, off we go.

And prices?

Essentially, you are hiring the space and structure from us on a monthly basis. Sort of like buying a car: all the little extras cost a little more. A two-door versus a four-door is like having tow or four pages. Aircon and leather is like the rotating banner and custom feedback form in the Webshift world. And a parking space is like hosting. For a pretty standard four-page site with a really nice rotating banner with images, you’re looking at about R225 per month. That’s very roughly.