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By: Nxgen  11-11-2011

NxGen provides parts, workmanship and technical expertise to design, build and tune Japanese performance cars. For example, whilst only three street legal Skyline GTR's reside in South Africa, all of these together with a number of other GTR's from neighbouring countries are clients of NxGen to one extent or another. All these cars are built, mapped and tuned by NxGen with most being comprehensively (and reliably) built to beyond 600 bhp.

Virtually all South African Mitsubishi Lancer Evo's that are modified and tuned, are done by NxGen with some examples up there with the best of the international best.

Whilst Subaru South Africa is particularly strict on motor plans being lost on modified cars, there is a meaningful and growing market for seriously enhanced Subaru STI's. NxGen has been at the forefront of this development since Subaru's were first sold in South Africa.

In addition to Craig's particular mapping expertise, NxGen is justifiably proud of Geoff Mortimer's wealth of experience both as a racing driver and as an engine and race car builder. Ably supported by Piet with his own car building experience, NxGen is able to provide technical advice and expertise on any car project.

In addition to bespoke workmanship and technical input on engine builds and tuning, NxGen is able to offer both routine and adhoc servicing for performance cars.

Geoff Mortimer, with the benefit of his many years of racing experience is on hand to set up track cars in terms of suspension and corner weighting ahead of any race track use.

Geoff is also on hand to teach a driver in his (or her) own car the correct lines and gears at one of Joburg's race tracks. This would ordinarily take place at one of the regular track days that are organised and available.

NxGen has sophisticated GPS based telemetry enabling them to test many parameters of a car, ordinarily on a race track, such as 0-100kmph, quarter mile, standing km, lap times, gearing and speeds around a track.

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Our state of the art blend facility was brought back online December 20th, 2008 when a group of ex-employees from Race fuel company' purchased and took ownership of the Knoll Racing Fuels facility. Our passion remains constant and products remain true to the reputation, which the mach series fuel line represented for so many years. Once revered as the most consistent and power making performance fuels on the market for over the past 15 years.