By: Institute For The Blind  11-11-2011
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We also have the largest and most varied array of different wool and accessories for sale at these two shops.

The products on offer are:

Beds and mattresses

Beds are made from high quality materials, such as cane, imbuia and pine in a variety of styles to suit any taste. Headboards can be carved, left bare or upholstered.
Mattresses, of the sponged or spring variety, are manufactured on site and customised perfectly to each order.

Cane products

The Industries produces a large assortment of cane products to satisfy any need or preference. Our selection includes tables, chairs, lounge suites, wall units, coffee-tables, bar stools, baskets, bushels, trays, pet baskets and tea trolleys. All expertly made by our team of visually impaired cane workers.


Our metal factory manufactures specialised metal components like screws, nuts, bolts and more. We accept orders of any size.

Restoration and re-upholstery

We restore old and antique furniture (woodwork and re-upholstery).
Weaving and knitting
We pre-manufacture ready made garments like scarves and woollen caps, as well as household items like tablecloths, serviettes, duvets, pillowcases, blankets, carpets, place-mats and more. Special customised orders can also be accommodated by our team of weaving experts.


We manufacture and sell a wide selection of wooden furniture, such as beds, chairs, tables and more. Special pieces can be custom-made to your specifications.

Learn more about our Industries division here.


Keywords: Beds, Beds And Mattresses, cane, Cane Products, metal components

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Beds, mattresses, cane products and metal components are manufactured daily in Worcester and then distributed from shops in Worcester and Parow to destinations in the Western Cape. The main manufacturing arm of the Institute of the Blind offers a large selection of custom-made furniture and products at very reasonable prices. Quality ensures that large furniture traders remain permanent distributors of our products.



The waiting period applicable to customised orders depends on the number of items ordered and can range from one to four weeks. Various private transport contractors distribute our beds and mattresses nation-wide.