Products of OPTIMISM Motivational Prints and Posters. Visual tools for staff training, motivation and productivity

By: Optimism  11-11-2011
Keywords: Motivational Prints

OPTIMISM motivational prints consist of 52 full colour posters, A2 (420 x 594 mm) in size. Each poster comes with training notes, turning the print into a visual motivational and communication tool.

The OPTIMISM material can be used in a variety of ways:

Creating common understanding

The image and the training message get the whole team using the same definition for key words and concepts.

Using the image and training notes the team can now write their rules for quality, productivity, achievement, etc.

Reinforce the message

Displays of the prints in the workplace will bridge the gap between training and application, reinforcing the training message on the job.

Counselling tools

The positive message of the print and its notes focuses on fixing the problem and the benefits of doing it right and not on the person.

Problem solving

When something goes wrong the team decides what caused the problem and then revisits the appropriate print and notes e.g. wrong information – use the communication story. Sub standard product – the Quality story.

The emphasis is on fixing the problem and improving the future and not on blame and finding excuses.

Change agents

Because the message in the prints is based on basic natural laws, they are believable and give reasons to accept the principles addressed in the message.

Keywords: Motivational Prints