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By: Digivox  11-11-2011

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We are very proud and honoured to have made the shortlist in the following categories :
Best Agency
Best Paid Search Campaign (for BMW)
Best Media Planner : Michelle Pearman
Best Social Media Marketer : Landi Groenewald
Best Individual Contribution to Digital Media & Marketing : Andrea Mitchell

With over 450 entries into this year’s awards, we’re honoured and delighted to have made it to the finalists list in these categories.

Thank you to all our wonderful suppliers, our super clients and the amazing and talented digiVOX team that brings it all together to make it all possible!
Nov 2011

The first round judging panel consisting of all the South African digital industry heavyweights have been announced. digiVOX’s Andrea Mitchell has also been included!
Oct 2011 

After the latest bout of Facebook news feed changes, the Edgerank issue is even more important. digiVOX’s Landi Groenewald gave her opinion on what’s best in the event that your Facebook Page Edgerank is low.
October 2011 

With spending in the online advertising sector set to grow 20% during the next year, does the industry have enough skilled workers to adequately supply in this rise in demand? digiVOX’s Andrea Mitchell shared her views!
September 2011

digiVOX’s Landi Groenewald tackles the issue of social media ROI and begs the adoption of a model of measurement that more strongly values behaviour.
April 2011

Behavioural targeting has been a hot topic for debate lately. digiVOX’s very own Greg Viljoen gives his take on the issue.
April 2011

Our very own Taryn Rigotti talks digital art as a new form of artistic expression for this digital age we find ourselves in.
April 2011

digiVOX appointed highly acclaimed MediaMind as its 3rd party ad serving solution for the South African market. We look forward to continuing delivering cutting edge online marketing campaigns for our clients, with MediaMind!
March 2011

Andrea Mitchell (digiVOX’s leading lady) talks ethical online marketing, and provides brands and marketers with sound advice on best practice in digital.
March 2011

Members of the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) voted for their new executive committee last week.  Over very own Andrea Mitchell was elected and voted in as Head of Research.
Feb 2011

We’re ecstatic to be listed as one of four finalists for “Best Agency” (alongside some pretty big agency names!) as well as one of four finalists in the “Best Media Plan” category. What an honour!
Nov 2011

The aim of this short guide is to provide you with an objective, independent overview which will assist you in making an informed and educated decision regarding desktop and mobile web advertising for you or your clients.
Compiled by digiVOX’s Andrea Mitchell and Jonathan Allan-Barrett.

The results for the second Digital Ad of Month(s), held by the Creative Circle and the Digital Media & Marketing Association (DMMA) for the period July-Sept  are in. Entries were received for work from August-September 2010. digiVOX founder and MD, Andrea Mitchell was once again on the panel of judges.
Oct 2010

Oct 2010

Andrea was recently invited to sit on a panel at the IMCC Conference alongside other great industry mentors.
Oct 2010

digiVOX’s Head of SM and ORM explores the rights of business and consumers in social media environ’s.
Sept 2010

The Creative Circle is set to launch a quarterly digital awards series, judged in association with leading industry experts from the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA).
Andrea Mitchell, Founder and MD of digiVOX nominated as a judge.
June 2010

“Many marketers believe that they need to jump onto the social media bandwagon so as “not to be left behind”. They quickly set up a Twitter account or Facebook fan page, throw in the corporate logo alongside a catchy bio, and perhaps even add a visually inspiring background. And then, the “what now?” question hits home.”
This is our 5 step guide to getting Social Media and ORM right.
March 2010

The Digital Edge spoke to Andrea Mitchell and other industry experts about their predictions for 2010, and what you can expect from marketing, technology and culture. [podcast]
January 2010

digiVOX looks at the year that was in digital marketing, and peers into the crystal ball for 2010.
December 2009

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Leigh took some time out of his busy schedule to tell us all about his favourite online campaign, why he loves the industry, and who he’d trade places with. In our new and improved Spotlight On, we talk to the digital master mind that is Leigh Hitch, Country Manager at Ad Dynamo.


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After having this award proudly handed over to us in November 2009 at the prestigious Bookmarks awards ceremony, it went off again to be engraved.Finally, it has returned home, reminding us once again of just how much we have achieved in a short space of time.You can. We’re so thrilled to have our pixel back.