Ad:Dynamo / Google Ads Online Advertising

Ad:Dynamo / Google Ads Online Advertising from Urban Baobab

By: Urban Baobab  06-04-2011
Keywords: Internet Marketing, Internet Advertising


Urban Baobab is a registered agency for Ad:Dynamo & Google Ads, global Pay Per Click (PPC)advertising marketplaces.  The platforms automatically detect the most relevant content on the Internet using your keywords, and your ads appear alongside this content.

With PPC,you only pay when your advertisement is clicked and a visitor arrives at your site !!   [Advertiser]


With PPC, you receive payment when an advertisement is clicked on your site !!   [Publisher]

Ad Dynamo brings advertisers and website publishers together, matching relevant advertisements to the most suitable website content.

Keywords: Internet Advertising, Internet Marketing

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Features of Digital Mags: a) Infinitely durable b) Low cost of production c) Accessibility & very low distribution costs d) Interactive media can be embedded (video & sound) e) Wider potential distribution = potentially more ad revenue f)   Keyword searches The Urban Baobab Service:   a) Send us a file of your publication pages b) We process, quality review & digitally publish c) We securely send the digital publication files to you

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