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By: Wynland Laboratory  11-11-2011
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Microbiological Analysis

  • WL do a broad range of microbiological testing and has the services of a qualified microbiologist. Testing of micro-organisms on products range from foodstuffs, water, wine etc.  Aflatoxin, Ocratoxin testing etc. can also be arrange with the laboratory.

Chemical Analysis

  •  Wynland Laboratories (Analytical) does the complete range of chemical analysis for wine. We shall assist you in the chemical testing of water through a reputable contracting laboratory, while selective tests are being done on fruit pulps and olive oil.

Grafting Waxes

  • Grafting waxes for the vine nurseries are formulated and blended by WL according to the client's specifications.
  • We also have a standard wax blend, tested against the harsh South African conditions.
  • We supply silver wax for re-waxing the grafted plant before planting out in the nursery. This eliminates a lot of extra work, like ridging, opening of ridges etc. It also helps protecting the plant when first planting out in the nursery.
  • This method is also handy when planting out the plants in the vineyards, eliminating the "molshopie".  As there are numerous kinds of waxes, cheap and expensive waxes, it is important to ensure that the nurseryman buy his wax from a reputable supplier. Different waxes differ in oil content, melting point and a lot of other factors which can influence the quality of the final product. Please speak to your fellow nurserymen on the performance of the Wynland lab green and silver wax.
  • WL also supply callus and rooting stimulants for the vine industry.

Consulting to the Wine Farmers

  •  WL are fully equiped to do ELISA testing for the detection of leafroll and fanleaf viruses. Detection of phythophtora can also be done. Visual inspections for virus infections in the vineyards can be arrange.

ISO 9001:2000

  • Please feel free to contact us for the writing of your manuals for iSO 9001:2000, GMP and HACCP at a very competative price.

Keywords: Chemical Analysis, Grafting Waxes, Laboratory, Microbiological Analysis, Wine,

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Due to possible incorrect ID of pathogens on selective media and biochemical tests we have decided to start ID pathogens with the Polymerase Chain Reaction method. Congrats to Wynland Analytical for their 2nd place in the annual SAWLA interlab competition.