Yacht Insurance

By: Quaysure Risk Management  03-15-2010

Our Services and products include cover for all types of private and pleasure vessels including sailing vessels, catamarans, cruisers, sports cruisers, speed boats and performance boats (up to 80 miles per hour). We will consider wooden built vessels and vessels over 25 years of age, provided we have been given sight of a current survey at the time of quoting.

We will provide limited racing risk coverage, but only for sailing vessels and only local regattas (not International Bluewater Racing).

We will not accept Trimarans (unless part of a major fleet placement), houseboats used as residences or over ten years of age, ferrocement yachts or 'home-built'/experimental craft or vessels designed for racing. We will not consider insureds who have criminal records or have been convicted of drunk driving (DWI/DUI), or if they have had their US Coast Guard Licenses revoked for any reason.

We also provide most types of commercial craft provided they are used for recreational purposes including Fishing Charters, Sightseeing Vessels, Excursion Vessels, Recreational Dive Boats, Swimming & Snorkelling Boats, Bareboat Charter Vessels Rental boats, Sunset Cruises, Dinner Cruises and Whale Watching. We will not write Jet-Ski Rentals or Waverunner Rental Operations, Beachside Rental Operations, Water Taxis (other than as part of an excursion), Passenger Ferries, Water Ski Rentals, Exotic Rides (speed thrills, wild bananas, etc.).

On Bareboat Charter/Rental Boats, we will require sight of the Charter/Rental Agreement, which must contain a Hold Harmless Agreement, signed by the renter.

On Skipper Charters or vessels requiring Commercial Passenger Liability, we will require the maximum certified number of passengers and the average number per trip. We will also require the number of paid crew, if crew liability is requested.

In all cases the loss record is vital information at the time the quote is issued.

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