Hydro Turbines

Hydro Turbines from Go Green Wellington

By: Go Green Wellington  09-12-2011
Keywords: Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy, Reduce your carbon footprint

With a hydro turbine, you use the power of a river or stream to generate electricity. It is the most efficient way to generate electricity,because the water is flowing 24/7.

Keywords: Hydro Turbines, Reduce your carbon footprint, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy

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Grey water and rain harvesting systems

You can use this system to reuse water that would have gone down the drain.



We do installations of photovoltaic panel, hydro turbine and wind turbine systems.

Deep cycle battery from Go Green Wellington thumbnail

Deep cycle battery

Depending on how well you look after the batteries, it can last 5+ years

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LED lights

No additional fittings needed,just "plug and play" A 7 - 8 watt led bulb can replace a 60W incandescent bulb Product lifetime is between 35 000 and 50 000 hours

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Wind Turbine

It can generate electricity during the day and night You get marine rated turbines for coastal regions Most turbines has build in safety features to protect the turbine in strong winds

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Solar Panels

Save you on electricity Product lifetime is 20 years + Little to no maintenance needed