Environmental Water Enhancing Solution

Environmental Water Enhancing Solution from Aqua King Water Solution

By: Aqua King Water Solution  12-14-2009
Keywords: The only environmental water solution to the world!


Aqua King:

 Is a UNIQUE system that creates the most powerful Oxidation/Reduction Potential in water to act as a:





Which will destroy pathogenic micro-organisms, oxidize all heavy metals and solved the built-up of Bio-Film!

Ø  Our Goal

      Focus on reducing toxic dioxins in water applications.

      Reduce/Strip unhealthy chemicals in water.

      Develop systems that are environmental-friendly.

      Using a combination of well proven techniques to disinfect water to a level of zero or virtually zero microbial counts.

Ø  Technology

      Consists of an micro-processors, reactor, copper and silver anodes.

      A circuit between the copper / silver anodes is set up, whereby copper / silver ions are produced, to be oxidized by upstream bromine ions to form silver / copper / bromine (AgCuBr2).

      This oxidized/ionized reaction will create a potential in the water, the so-called “REDOX Potential”, that enhance water quality to preset levels.

      The preset levels been achieved by electronic control with a hands-free approach to ensure quality water to an entire system.

      Monitoring capabilities are added to enhance managing benefits.

Ø  Methodology

      The free silver /copper / bromine damage the semi-permeable cell membrane or breaks the cell membrane.

      Electrically charged copper ions (Cu+²) in the water search for particles of opposite polarity, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

       Positively charged copper ions form electrostatic compounds with negatively charged cell walls of micro-organisms.

      These compounds disturb cell wall permeability and cause nutrient metabolism to fail.

      Copper ions penetrate the cell wall and as a result will create an entrance for silver ions (Ag+).

      Silver ions (Ag) penetrate the core of the micro-organism.

      Silver ions bond to various parts of the cell, such as the DNA, RNA, cellular proteins and respiratory enzymes, causing all life support systems in the cell to be immobilized.

Ø  Result

      Because of the high Oxidation/Reduction Potential-levels achieved, the structure of the cell membrane is so distorted or broken, the component within the cell, leaks out, and the micro-organism dies,.

      There is no more cellular growth or cell division, causing micro-organism to no longer multiply and eventually die out.

      The ions remain active until they are absorbed by micro-organism.

Ø  Managing Abilities:

      With preset Oxidation/Reduction Potential-level, the system offer alarm-monitoring capabilities, which will send a notification alarm via SMS to all relevant personnel, when preset levels been compromised.

      A modem driven data logging system will compile average  Oxidation/Reduction Potential-level readings, bundle in 10 minute intervals, send to a central server, hosted by Aqua King.

      This information, in report form, will be available to customers through secure media, when needed.

      This will add an additional benefit to the customer to act as a quality control business tool, as well as an alarm enabling monitoring system.

Ø  Areas Of Excellance:

This electronically controlled system ensures quality potable water for:

      Wine Cellars (Influent and Effluent)

      Animal production and/or Agri-businesses

      Food and Beverage

      Hotel, Restaurant and Spa

      Medical and Hospital Applications

      Any industry that needs a high quality water with the ability to purify and/or sanitize

Ø  Guarantee

      The system has a manufacturer’s guarantee for the period of the contract valid from date of delivery.

      The guarantee will expire immediately if the product is not utilized according to the manufacturer’s instructions and service requirements.

      The guarantee excludes consumer goods, except damages by other, transport, natural causes like power failure, natural disasters and negligence.

      Upon dissatisfaction of the client in writing within a period of 30 days from installation, because the technology does not comply with chemical and pathological guideline for SANS 241:2006 Edition 6.1- S.A. National Standard of drinking water, Aqua King will pay back all initial cost.

Ø  Residual Performance

Halogen Residual levels of Aqua King can be controlled very successfully with filter(s) in series with our system.

      If halogen residual levels does not offer any problems, Sand filters with automatic back flush in series with our system will be adequate.

      If halogen residual levels does offer problems, Sand and Activated Carbon filters with automatic back flush in series with our system will be adequate.

      Very important, when filters been installed, regular:

v   maintenance needed to be perform,

v   replacement of Sand and/or Activated Carbon is very critical.


Keywords: The only environmental water solution to the world!

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