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Services Vertical Garden Cape Town takes a four step approach in making your Vertical walls come to life... Consultation We discuss your wishes, view potential vertical spaces and answer any questions that you may have. During this initial meeting we take pictures and make note of the main colours and overall style used in decoration. In preparing each proposal we measure the amount of natural light available for the potential green wall space and factor in exposure to other elements such as wind, rain, etc. Design The amount of light and moisture that a plant requires differs greatly from species to species and these are essential aspects we consider before placement. We ensure that plants are positioned correctly so they will thrive and achieve their full potential. Plants filter air borne pollutants and some species are more efficient than others. Our planting strategy is to maximize the number of species that are best at improving indoor air quality. An important design consideration for exterior living walls is how they are going to evolve over the course of the year. Our goal is to create a green wall that is interesting and beautiful at all times. Therefore bloom time, flower and foliage colour, and the use of evergreen plants are all factors in the design process. Once the plants have been selected we create blueprints and artistic renderings of the future green wall. These provide you with illustrations that outline the possibilities for the shape and size of the living wall. The renderings will also give an idea of the overall patterns and colours of the completed living artwork. Once you have reviewed our proposal and determined what you like, we will provide you with a detailed quote for your green wall. Installation For indoor green walls, depending on how much natural light there is, special low-energy, high output light fixtures are mounted to illuminate the wall. These lights are both beneficial to the plants and easy on the eyes. We pick a fixture that best suits your décor. Lighting increases visibility of the living masterpiece and helps the plants get their minimum light requirements, especially if they get little or no natural light. The lights are programmable so they will automatically turn on and off. Once the wall has been constructed with the irrigation and lighting systems in place the plants are added. This is the fun part and when the magic happens. Within just a few days your wall will be transformed from a boring “grey” to a green and lush vertical garden! Maintenance They are intended to eliminate any work by you and to give you total peace of mind. For the first year after installation a maintenance package is required. This is because the critical acclimatization period for the plants is during this time. Packages are offered for subsequent years, so you can insure that your living wall will continue to be gorgeous for many years to come !

Keywords: Landscaping living walls

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