Tuff Guard

By: Tuff Guard  01-24-2011
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TUFF GUARD is the South African leader in sprayed-on polyurethane

linings for bakkies, trailers, boats and many more surfaces.

For more than 20 years TUFF GUARD has been providing vehicles

with a thick layer of protection under the most rugged conditions. The

unique flexible and textured surface reduces cargo slippage and will

not crack, warp or peel even under temperature extremes.

Sprayed on up to 5mm thick, TUFF GUARD polyurethane linings

form a permanent air and watertight seal when sprayed directly onto

the bin.
TUFF GUARD polyurethane provides a permanent surface for bakkies, trailers, vans, boats and virtually any highwear area.
Polyurethane is a combination of two chemicals that when combined form one of the most durable products in the world. Sprayed on by means of a highly sophisticated method the end result is a seamless lining with the highest resistance against chemicals, rust and dents, etc.
1. It will not perish 2. It will not oxidise or give off black 3. Polyurethane has no joints 4. Rubber will soften from oil, diesel, etc – not so with polyurethane 5. Rubber is glued on – polyurethane is sprayed on giving total surface bondage even after damage 6. Rubber does not prevent rust 7. Rubber can not be repaired easily 8. Rubber takes two days to dry and seven days to cure
TUFF GUARD’s sprayed on load bin linings outperform all plastic drop-in liners, rubber mats and paint like coatings. It gives your bakkie real bin protection. The slippery drop-in liners crack, peel and warp and remove surface paint from your bakkie as they shift and rattle in the bin. They also trap moisture between the liner and the bin, increasing the risk of rust and corrosion. Nothing protects your load bin like a real TUFF GUARD lining

Keywords: Manufacturing Poly