Workshops and group coaching

Keywords: workshops, Group Coaching

In addition to my normal coaching practice, I facilitate children's workshops from pre-school through to high school. AND My pioneer parenting programme has been specifically designed for: 1. Individuals that are struggling to keep your marriage together or to rebuild it. Or you may already have a good marriage but want a great one, one that is deeply satisfying and fulfilling. 2. You may be first time parents that want to become the best parent that you can be and have the best family life you can possible have. 3. You may be a single parent and feel overwhelmed by the relentless crush of demands and pressures upon you. 4. You may be struggling with a wayward child, a rebellious teenager or an adolescent that is trying to find how he or she fits into the world. 5. You may be trying to blend two families together “who couldn’t care less”. 6. Or you are feeling challenged to fulfil combined rolls in your family life, such as parent, judge, jury, jailer and friend. This parenting programme can be done online in the comfort of your own home.

Keywords: Group Coaching, workshops