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By: Watts Plumbing  11-11-2011
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There are many plumbing companies to choose from, but be aware, that not all companies advertising as ‘plumbers , really are.

Make sure that the company you choose is legitimate, licensed and registered, with IOPSA and PIRB, in order to ensure quality workmanship.

Many ‘cheap’ plumbers with inferior knowledge, using inferior products, undercut prices of legitimate companies in order to get the work. We often get called to clients, who end up having to pay us to re-plumb work, which they have already paid for. 

Remember water can cause major damage, and as water piping in walls, floors and ceilings is not visible, you will not notice a problem developing, until it is too late.

Plumbing is not like carpentry, which can be seen once complete.  Remember the ‘finished product’, i.e. sanitary ware and chrome ware that you see, is only like paint on a wall – it may look good, but if what’s behind it isn’t up to scratch, it won’t be long before problems begin to surface. 

Ensure plumbing is done correctly first time around, by
checking the credentials of your plumber!

We cover all aspects of plumbing
including the following:

Free quotations

Bathroom renovations

Construction – We have many years of experience in the construction industry. We work hand in hand with many professional building teams, and project managers.
We can also advise and refer you to the correct professionals
for your requirements

Geysers  – All types of geyser repairs and installations, including solar and gas geysers. We can supply you with a SANS 10254 compliance certificate upon completion of installation, required by insurance companies, and advise you how to process claims.

Solar installations – We can advise you on which products to use. There are many solar products on the market – once again, some are good and some are not. We can offer you unbiasedadvise on which products to avoid.  We can assist with installation and maintenance on solar geysers and panels.

Gas installations – We are LP Gas accredited installers
With the rising cost of electricity, and high expense of solar geysers, we are now looking to gas as a cheaper alternative.
Hot water cylinders and stoves use about 90% of your electricity consumption, so why not convert to gas? Gas costs are regulated, and you only use it when hot water or stove is being used.

Maintenance- We undertake all aspects of plumbing maintenance, and have experienced, professional teams
who are trained to make your experience a pleasant one.

Property Transfer Compliance Certificates - Watt's Plumbing are on the City of Cape Town registered plumbers list to issue compliance certificates for property transfers.

Drainage & blockages – We have the technical background, due to our extensive construction experience, and many years of tackling blockage issues, to know how to tackle the problem, by finding the source of it, as opposed to just solving the resultant blockage.  As this service is billed on an hourly rate, the more experienced your plumber, the cheaper your bill.

Leak location services – We have state of the art radiodetection equipment, imported from the UK. Due to our many years of experience, we are often called upon to find tricky leaks, which other, less experienced companies cannot find. We are often referred by the City Council to trace undetectable leaks, causing consumption issues, and hence high water bills. Once we have located and repaired your leak, we supply you with a consumption letter, which can be submitted to the City of Cape Town water department for a rebate.

We specialize in leak detection.

Workmanship guarantee – We offer a full workmanship guarantee. We have been in business  since 1999, and pride ourselves in our reputation. We are fully insured for any problems, which may arise, and when problems do arise, always tackle them head on.

Affiliations - We are licensed, registered members of Institute of Plumbing South Africa and Plumbing Industry Registration Board, guaranteeing you service excellence.

Keywords: Gas, Geysers, Plumbing, solar installations