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By: Nadya Brand School of Acting  02-10-2011
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Freedom Acting Classes combines the freedom of expression through drama, the freedom of ego through movement and the freedom of the soul through meditation.


During the classes all three forms of expression will help each individual connect with their body, mind and soul in a quest to become free of the restraints of compulsive thinking and allowing the physical form to blend with the spiritual soul in freeing the mind.


The classes take an informal and relaxed approach and allows each individual to take part in one or all of the freedom forms whenever they feel moved to do so.  Each person is there for their own enrichment and self discover.  Only do what you feel is comfortable and liberating to you.


What can I expect during my Freedom class?


The class is divided into three stages of Freedom.


The first stage is Freedom through Expression.  This is designed to help free yourself of the constraints of the ego and finding true emotions through expressing yourself as a individual and within a group.


During the drama stage of the class we will work on building self-confidence and finding your voice. Trust exercises will allow you to become free so that you feel comfortable in expressing your individuality.  We will also do some group work where we work as a whole in building trust within a group. 


Finding your voice is all about being comfortable with who you are and being able to communicate in a more effective way.  Finding  your voice isn’t about being the best singer or having a great voice, it is about enjoying your own voice and discovering how powerful, calming and kind your words can be. 


Just feel...


The second stage is Freedom through Movement.


During the movement stage of the class each individual will find his personal style of movement through various styles, genres and rhythms of music.  The idea is to allowing the conscious mind to be released and the body to take over.  Feeling the music and allowing the body to find its own movement.  There are no rules here.  Anyone can do a much or as little as they want.  You may even want to just observe the first time and feel what your body is doing.  The most powerful expression comes through allowing the body to be free from the mind and moving whichever way it chooses.  Being in the moment is completely liberating! 


Just move...


The third stage  is Freedom of the Soul.


The final stage of the class is designed to wind things down, to relax the body, free the mind and soothe the soul.  During a guided meditation you will be able to focus your energy on relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. 


I also have a Thought for the week where we focus on sending a positive message out to the world joining in group energy. 


Just be...


What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes allowing for free movement

Wear comfortable shoes or enjoy the freedom of bare feet


What shall I bring?


Bring some water and a small towel - the dance stage can be quite invigorating and a yoga/pilates mat for the meditation session at the end.


What is the cost?


R250 per month for one 90 minute class per week.  If starting during a month a pro rata will be calculated.


How many people in a class?


Min 2 - Max 12


How often are the classes?


Once a week


How do I book?


You can join at any stage during a month.  Find out when the next class starts please contact me by texting or phoning me on 071 605 8047 or





Keywords: Acting, Drama

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