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By: The Training Corporation  01-20-2010
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READING -Being able to absorb and recall information effectively and efficiently is essential in the Information Age. Reading is not a natural ability and must be learned and practiced before we achieve competence. On average, independent adult readers in South Africa have a Grade 9/Std 7 reading level, namely 200-250wpm with about 60% recall. Ideally 350-500 wpm with 70%+ recall is the target for an independent reader. Supervisor training needs to take cognisance of this fact.

WRITING -Communication is about sharing meaning with others. In our modern technological age, writing, whether it is text, sms, e-mail or essays, is the key means of getting our message out there. Learning tas part of supervisor training to communicate from the receiver’s point of view is a critical skill. We communicate one conversation (written or oral) at a time. How well we do so often defines us, and our success in the world.

ARITHMETIC –Supervisor training must cover numbers and their manipulation as a vital talent that all adults require in the Information Age. From accessing information, handling our bills to understanding trends, we all need a basic comfort with using and manipulating numbers. Mental arithmetic and essential formulae that we understand are critical tools for our survival and success.

RESEARCHINGThe Information Age overwhelms us with data, information and knowledge. Supervisor training must focus on knowing how and where source information, as well as the ability to determine its value and the validity/reliability of the source, are critical skills for all adults today. Internet access and ability is an essential skill.

REASONINGWe mostly tackle problems or decisions by using tried and tested subconscious patterns learned in childhood and at school. The ability to think consciously in a rapidly changing environment, in order to discover new ways of tackling the challenges that face us in life, is what reasoning is all about. Adults, as part of their supervisor training need to learn to think actively and consciously more often, in order to grow and progress.

RESOURCEFULNESSIn a changing world, our survival and success is based on our ability to combine the 5 R’s in new and innovative ways to meet the challenges that face us in our daily lives. Resourcefulness – using your talents and skills in original combinations to find the opportunities that will separate you from the crowd, is the key to succeeding and prospering today.

Keywords: Supervisory Training