Effective Speaking Training Courses (Presentation Skills Training Course)

Effective Speaking Training Courses (Presentation Skills Training Course) from The Training Corporation

By: The Training Corporation  04-28-2010
Keywords: Communication Skills, Presentation skills

Most people have a fear of public speaking and this can affect your management and supervisory performance for your whole life.  I bet you don't realise that the problem is not as simple as that.  And take this insight from me, someone who has done a lot of public speaking  . . an integral part of my management and marketing job.    Let me tell you a bit about my experience of the Effective Speaking Training Course - Presentation Skills Training Course I attended with the management and supervisory team.

I didn't realise that my fear of public speaking was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to self-confidence and feeling good enough about myself.  This was holding me back in my personal life and career . . even at home in the way that I relate to my wife.  I am considered a very confident person . . so why the problem with public speaking . . .

On recommendation from a business associate with first hand experience, I attended the Dynamic Presentations presented my Collin Jennings . . I joined my management team on it and almost did it for a laugh or to "sharpen up my skills in public speaking, which I thought was better than most.   Well, was I surprised to "feel" what happended to me  . . it changed my DNA!  I realised that my whole life, although supremely confident, positive and outgoing and perceived like this by the outside world, inside I was uncomfortable with myself and just "not good enough".

When Collin Jennings got hold of me, in an almost naturally subliminal way my transformation unfolded and a relatively painless, but deep seated change took place in my being.   A realisation that actually I am good enough, the real me is just perfectly good enough and quite attractive actually.  I don't need to be "shy" when relating to others, when talking to my peers, my team or my wife for that matter.  I am OK, I feel good about myself . . . and we are not talking about some feel-good Dale Carnegie stuff here . . I mean real good . . a quiet and comfortable confidence.

It completely changed the way that I talk to myself, my comfortability, my relating to others, how I am now quietly confident and secure in myself and able to engage much more effectively with my work and the people around me.  This transformation happened to the whole management and supervisory team on my course.  Thank you to Collin and the team at Dynamic Presentations.  As you see I am a convert . . .a champion of the transformation that is possible for you and your management and supervisory team through the Dynamic Presentations Effective Speaking Training Courses, more commonly know as "Presentation Skills Training Course".

Keywords: Communication Skills, Presentation skills