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By: The Greenzone  11-11-2011

These are usually high cost items, but often are the best solution for a particular spot.  Water features, decorative retaining elements, trellising, garden statuary – we can custom design or assist you in selecting an off-the-shelf feature for your garden, and create the perfect setting for them with the right choice of plants.

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Landscape Design « The Green Zone

Every step of garden design requires the landscaper to understand and apply their minds first to general principles of shape and proportion, etc., and then to the detail of materials – both in terms of the materials utilized to construct the basic shape of the garden, and then in terms to the specific plants that will be used to dress and finish it.


Horticultural Maintenance « The Green Zone

Unless you are a keen gardener with time to ‘play’ in the garden, or give a gardener close supervision, your garden will benefit hugely from our professional maintenance service because we know what we’re doing in the garden. Good maintenance is key to realizing the full potential of a garden.