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By: Ground Control Security  11-11-2011
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  • Any contract to provide site security officers will naturally include regular visits by Inspectors, during both day and night, with periodic ‘spot’ checks by senior management.  Such visits will be utilized for the dual role of roving motorized patrols in the site area and immediate surrounds, which will serve as an additional deterrent to would be criminals and facilitate a ‘zero delay’ response to any incident if any such need arises.

Where do we go from here?

  • All we need is to be awarded the opportunity, to back up our claims!

Putting our money where our mouth is!

  • Ground Control’s principal member, a retired Detective Inspector and more recently a businessman with a successful track record of sound business ethics and strong management skills spanning the past 17 years, has devised a ‘Probationary Period Commitment’ designed to dispel any remaining misgivings regarding his Teams’ ability to deliver, as claimed.

Applies to an initial 3 month probation (trial) period

    1. To provide a security service, commensurate with needs and expectations as specified by the customer and to which will be added any additional findings from a physical inspection and survey of needs in relation to the proposed site.   The details of these needs, and any corroborative findings, will be itemized in a report to be presented to the customer for his approval.
    2. Ground Control’s adherence to customer requirements:

If for any reason Ground Control Security is unable to fully comply with the customer’s requirements, as specified, or is unable to meet the customer’s expectations in any way whatsoever, Ground Control will accept that their services are to be terminated at the conclusion of a notice period of only one month.

    1. Senior Management at Ground Control Security will meet with the customer on a regular basis, this being at least once each fortnight, or otherwise as specified by the customer.  The purpose of these meetings will be to ensure the customer’s continuing satisfaction in relation to the execution of duties in terms of the mandate awarded to Ground Control.
    1. Subsequent to the interim probationary period of 3 months, Ground Control Security will offer the client a formal contract of commitment which will incorporate terms of engagement between the customer and Ground Control Security, for approval by the customer.  The period of continuation will be for a period of 12 months, or as otherwise requested by the customer, and the terms and conditions applicable to the contract will, as far as possible, be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.
    2. The Customer and Service Provider agree to a 1 month ‘Notice of Cancellation’ period, applicable to any contract period.


    • The Security Service Provider must be registered in terms of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act.
    • All Security Officers in the employ of Ground Control Security cc must be registered as security service providers in terms of The Security Industry Wage Determination Act.
    • Security officers are to be provided with uniforms and name tags by Ground Control Security cc to ensure that they are easily identifiable.  [These uniforms are to be of a high standard and dress codes are to be presented to the customer for approval].
    • While on site, security officers shall always be in neat uniform and act in a professional manner in executing their tasks.



Keywords: Security, Security Officers