Anahata Zafu Meditation Cushions and Mats

Anahata Zafu Meditation Cushions and Mats from Anahata Living

By: Anahata Living  05-04-2016
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Comfortable Meditation Cushions and Mats Anahata Zafu are handmade meditation cushions that make meditation comfortable. Both the round zafu and rectangular zabuton mat are designed to softly cushion you and your feet and ankles. Made to a traditional design, they can be used together or individually. The outer cover is made from cotton twill, a hardwearing natural fabric that washes easily and will last you for 10 years or more. It is removable making it easy to wash and it has a handle for easy carrying to class/group. Our standard range includes Grey, Black or Natural. Natural Zafu and ZabutonThe inner cushion is stuffed with a recycled cotton wadding purchased from a local business. It is made up of Jeans offcuts which are processed to create a soft and pliable but sturdy seat. The Zabuton Mat is a the perfect accompaniment to the Zafu cushion. It is designed to define a sacred space while cushioning your ankles and feet while they rest beneath you. The inner is foam and the covers come in the same fabrics as your chosen cushion so you can either buy a matching set or mix and match the colours. The Zafu cushion has been designed so that you can sit on the edge of the cushion, with your legs beneath you on the Zabuton Mat and achieve a lovely opening at the hips and comfortable straight spine. The fact that your legs are lower than your hips when using a Zafu is what makes sitting up straight so much more easily than on other meditation cushions. The cushions weigh approximately 1,8 kilograms and are an average of 38cm across the circle, by 20 cm deep. This could however vary slightly between cushions as they are completely handmade and therefore although perfect in design, characterful in nature. The cushions will flatten and widen over time but this can be managed by rolling the cushion in the opposite direction to the way you sit on it to plump it up again. I will also happily add stuffing or remove stuffing from one of my cushions should it need it, free of charge. We have been making and providing Meditation Zafu and Zabuton to the market since 2002. The Zabuton is a rectangle of 80cm x 70cm. The extra length on the one side was incorporated to accommodate men with a larger length. It also folds in half quite neatly under the cushion, should you wish to store it against a wall or out of the way. We do try to keep a small range of plain items in stock, but should they need to be made up for you it takes no more than a few days. Cushions and mats can also be posted to JHB or around South Africa. And your Zafu and Zabuton can be personalised with Cushion Art. All handpainted cushions are completed to order. You just let me know what you are looking for and I will draw up a preliminary sketch for you. More here…

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Anahata Zafu Meditation Cushions and Mats from Anahata Living thumbnail

Anahata Zafu Meditation Cushions and Mats

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