Himalayan Crystal Salt

By: UNIVERSAL VISION  05-30-2013
Keywords: Himalayan Salt, Coarse salt, Natural Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is a Crystal Rock Salt, from the Salt Range of Pakistan, which is geologically part of the greater Himalayas. The salt was formed from an ancient sea which evaporated, and the remaining salt crystallized over millions of years through tectonic movement, stress and pressure. However, Mother Nature seems to have a way of restoring balance, and, with the salt being discovered by horses, we now have the opportunity to experience its pleasurable health benefits. The salt is mined using traditional mining methods, which involves, to a large degree, manual intervention. The local people harvest the salt using a light drilling and blasting method to loosen and release the solid and compact salt from the salt mine walls. The large loosened pieces are then loaded onto trucks, or trailers pulled by tractors, to take the salt out of the mountain. The salt is not processed, heated, refined or bleached, and no chemicals are added

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