Mobile Truck & Trailer Laser Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing Service

By: Truck-A-Lign  06-07-2010

Truck-A-Lign is an innovative new company offering a full mobile truck & trailer laser wheel alignment and wheel balancing service, utilising technologically advanced, state of the art laser alignment equipment and the latest wheel balancing products to provide a time and cost-effective solution to truck wheel alignment and balancing.
The versatility of Truck-A-Lign allows this company to cater to all vehicles while specialising in all makes and models of trucks and trailers, with the added advantage of providing convenient, on-site service.
The Truck-A-Lign service team are dispatched to the company's premises or any predetermined location to perform the full wheel alignment and wheel balancing function, thereby reducing the company's costs as well as down-time.
The Truck-A-Lign operators are committed to service excellence and are supported by a professional service team at our fully functional workshop in the Strand, which is available in the even of any major repairs that cannot be performed on site.