Scramble of structured Learning and Development

Scramble of structured Learning and Development from Herbalife (Join Us In Life)

By: Herbalife (Join Us In Life)  10-16-2010
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This is my reflection on today's business training. The Snippets that stood out to me the most. I believe they will add some value to your week and have the potential to bring about change in any aspect of your life.



Setting yourself up for success

  • Get your target locked in: Know exactly what you want to achieve and very important Why. Only now can you start to work out How.
  • Keep it simple:People today have enough complications to deal with. Be different and offer the positive alternative.
  • Make friends not enemies:Be honorable, honest and ethical. Accountability and discipline is key to success.
  • Finish what you start: Always have a clear vision of your next step. It never stops here . . . .
  • Believe in yourself:Most people give up and stop working just before it starts to work.
  • Plus Posture: It is a collective word for the feeling and message you convey with your own attitude, excitement and conviction.
  • Learning is a constant: A sponge never fills up and at some point starts to spill out to make space to absorb more.
  • Learn by Doing: Knowledge becomes power only when applied. Readers become Leaders. Practice what you preach.
  • Keep close to the fire:Choose your company wisely. To be inspiring, you need inspiration. 
  • Keep your eyes peeled: Each moment is full of opportunities. Will you be ready to take action? Trust your instinct.
  • Submission: Expect, believe, commit, Be in the Moment - not just present, Follow.
  • Choose your words carefully: Thought become words, become actions, becomes reality. What does your world look like?
  • Conservation: Do not waste energy on things you can not change or that works well as it is. Only focus on your goal and the one next step that will take you closer.
  • Accept responsibility: Take ownership of finding your destiny and living it every day. Never stop. 
  • Self sabotage: Resentment - negative emotions. Resistance - feeds the monster. Revenge - keeps the snow ball rolling. No No No . .
  • Selfishness: Forgiveness is all about freeing yourself from those ankle weights.
  • Be Bold - Dream Big: If your dream dies not scare you a little and excite you, it is not big enough yet.
  • It's all about people: Positive relationships require effective and transparent communication skills. Empathy is a decider for success.
  • The best way to receive: Is to Give. Respect is the pendulum.
  • Skeptical thinking: No doctor has a cure, No person can help you. You alone holds the key to heal yourself. The world belongs to positive thinkers, talkers, doers. How hard do you want to heal the pain?
  • The living Dream: Manifests when thoughts and speech are 100% in sync. You can not escape the results of your thoughts.

If your wiring is correct and you apply your mind to just expanding these thoughts, I expect each and every one of you to have the privilege to actually know, 100% know your purpose on this planet and have all the tools to execute your life's blue print without fault.

Living a life of significance is the ultimate ride. Who cares to join me in this quest?

PS: Money actually does grow on trees. (",) And that is the honest truth.


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