Herbalife Success Story

By: Herbalife Distributor strand  04-27-2013
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Words cannot explain how fantastic it feels to have lost weight! I feel I've got my life back and now have a sense of direction and purpose. I only wish had done it years ago.

I was so jealous! Paul's sister had signed him up for a 12-week Weight Loss Challenge with Herbalife, and she didn't include me! Trouble was, like a lot of couples, we were very happy and complacent. We ate lots, drank lots, and at first we didn¹t worry that over the years we were both piling on the pounds, big time! We did eat really badly! Pizza, takeaways, biscuits, and my favourite, doughnuts: I'd get them on special offer and scoff a whole packet one after the other! Paul's weight was starting to get him down.

We stopped going out as a couple and he'd stay in while I went out on my own. Though he works as a doorman at a nightclub, he'd hide inside a big jacket and stay in the background. Paul lost 20lb in that first 12 weeks, and before he finished I'd signed us BOTH up for another 12-week stint! They were offering a 30-day guarantee. If you didn¹t lose weight you got your money back - Well we couldn't lose could we!

I lost 11lb, and then I averaged out at about 2lb a week. I'd have a smoothie for breakfast and dinner, a chocolate protein bar mid morning and another in the afternoon, and a balanced meal at lunchtime. I felt fantastic! It took me a year to get to my goal weight, and these days I still have a smoothie for breakfast, and in place of junk food we have chicken, fish, salads and lots of veg.

I know I will never go back to my old eating habits. Paul bought me a dog so we had an excuse to go for a walk. At first we struggled to make it once around the block and now we walk for miles! But without doubt the very best thing about us both losing weight is that I've got my partner back. Since Paul has lost over 7 1/2 stone his confidence has rocketed, and now we go out together, and that¹s the way it should be."

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Herbalife Success Story



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