Out-of-print Reprints

By: SUN MeDIA Stellenbosch  04-26-2011
Keywords: Digital Printing, Books, COPYRIGHT CLEARANCE

Should you wish to prescribe or acquire a publication that is no longer in print, simply contact SUN MeDIA with the biographical detail (title, author, publisher, edition and ISBN). and we will apply for copyright permission from the publisher on your behalf. Once permission is granted, we will reproduce the book in high quality, especially for you.

Keywords: Books, COPYRIGHT CLEARANCE, Digital Printing,

Other products and services from SUN MeDIA Stellenbosch


Peer reviewing

Peer reviewed publications allow authors to qualify for academic credit from institutions of higher education, which usually has implications for study grants and further research. The peer review process ensures that a publication is recognised as a valuable contribution to its field. A peer reviewed publication stands out above the rest in terms of recognition, quality and academic integrity.



SUN MeDIA has access to a network of freelance editors , proofreaders and translators who are all experts in their fields,


Course Material

Customised academic readers allow educators and students to access only the content they need in a neatly bound, professional, high quality format, cutting costs while provideing the peace of knowing that all necessary rights have been cleared and paid for.


Graphic Design

Having our own graphic designers ensures a tight, versatile, customisabile publishing process that allows a more personal, interactive working relationship with clients.



All our books are bound on-site and in-house, ensuring tight quality control and fast turnaround.



The on-site facilities ensure that we have complete control over the quality and the delivery time of our products.


Copyright administration

Our robust copyright clearance process ensures high quality, trustworthy resources for both the public and academic market.



Our publishing process is very flexible and can easily accomodate a wide range of products and markets. Our efficient workflow and print-on-demand model allows short digital print-runs of 10 to 50 books or much longer print-runs using lithographic machines. Whether print or digital, you can be certain the final product will be of the highest quality inside and out.



Our model is based primarily on digital print-on-demand technology which enables us to publish niche and specialist research titles even if the first print-run is relatively small.