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By: Stelkor  11-11-2011
Keywords: Medication, Chronic Disease

The centre is also a registered travel clinic, which means that we can provide any travel information, medication or vaccinations that you might need for travelling anywhere in the world.

Apart from filling prescriptions, we also do patient counselling and chronic disease monitoring.

Filling of prescriptions

At the heart of our pharmacy is the dispensary. Here we fill prescriptions and counsel patients. We serve patients from our medical doctors in the centre, and also patients from doctors all over the Western Cape, whether it be it GPs, specialists, physiotherapists or other healthcare practitioners. We have a large base of patients with chronic illnesses, and supply them monthly with their chronic medication. We also ensure that their conditions are under control, by advising the correct medication procedures, and implications of their condition and efficacy of the medication. We monitor blood, glucose and cholesterol levels on a continuous basis, to ensure that the medication regime has the desired results, or advise consulting with their doctors if it needs changing.

Patient Counselling

Patient counselling plays an important role in our aim of providing a complete health service. We counsel on general health supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as supplements for lack of energy, stress, menopause, arthritis and children's health, etc. Other over the counter advice includes treatment of a variety of ailments such as colds and flu, pain, fevers, sprains and first aid. We offer professional advice on any problems that the patient might have. The patient is also advised on alternative help available in the health care sector, if their condition should need further attention.

Travel advice

Natural Health Practitioner

Delivery of medicine

We offer a free delivery service to all our clients in the Stellenbosch area and provide transport to and from the medical centre for the elderly in need of assistance.

Keywords: Chronic Disease, Medication