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By: R S & Associates Loss Control Service  10-09-2009
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●Reg no: 2006/189913/23 
● psira reg: 1492893
●  sasseta reg: 07197004066
●saps reg: 4000670 ●
VAT reg: 4510238944

Providing the following services:   
Armed reaction       
Assets in transit       
Dog handlers       
Trained dogs       
First aid training       
Security training       
Firearm training       
Fire fighting courses       
Retail officers         S
pecial events officers       
Undercover Agents

Our philosophy is provide our clients with superior levels of service through the use of technologically advanced security equipment and products, intense specialized training of security officers, and the implementation of a unique methodology in the security sector.  

RS & Associates Loss Control Services is a 100% Black-owned company formed in 2006.  RSA operates independently and has since established itself in its own right as a company that will commit itself to its client in all ways and deliver the best possible service. 

Although still young, RSA has achieved several successes in obtaining contracts.  
Our market share in the Western Cape is currently small, but our growth has been steady and calculated.
We are growing quickly and have established branches in Eersteriver and Calvinia in the Northern Cape; we are very selective in choosing our clients as we feel it would eventually detract from the service we wish to offer clients. 
Our aim is:   To ensure that your guarding service is what it is represented to be in the line of efficiency, quality and professionalism. That you receive value for the considerable amount of money being spent monthly on your security arrangements.        

RECRUITMENTS AND TRAINING   Our success depends on recruiting the right person for the job.  It is therefore imperative that each officer be matched to the client’s requirements and expectations.   Our clients are also given the opportunity of interviewing our personnel, prior to employment on their premises.   To provide a security service that is well structured in terms of expertise, resources and manpower, training is essential to get the best out of each and every officer in the field.  
All security officers are, as condition of employment, fully conversant and must abide by the regulations as set out by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.  
Accordingly, ALL security officers posted at your site will have the following minimum standards:             Have no criminal records (schedule one offence)          
Have attained a minimum Standard 8 (Grade 10)          
Have been graded by our Sasseta accredited training establishment. 
(Minimum Grade C level)                                

Monthly management meetings are held with our clients to ensure continuous efficiency and client satisfaction.  On the occurrence of any incident concerning staff or any burglaries, shootings, etc.; an immediate report and investigation will be done and discussed with the client.        

SITE SURVEYS AND SUPERVISION    Site surveys are of utmost importance to pinpoint problem areas and to then make recommendations on how to correct these problems.   Inspections together with any observations are recorded in an Occurrence Book (OB), which is available for the client’s perusal.  
Sites are visited on regular intervals, day and night (at least one supervisory check in any twelve hour period), to ensure that the officers are performing their duties in line with the job description as laid down by the Client and Area Manager.      

TRANSPORTATION Our security officers are brought to site and taken home at night thereby ensuring a full compliment of staff on a daily basis.

SITE SPECIFICATIONS : Following specifications apply to all sites.
The vigilant and, if necessary, aggressive protection of property and people against any attempt by any person to unlawfully enter any premises of the client.  A pro-active method of observing the environment for any form of security threat or hazard (e.g. Safety hazards which may have the potential to cause damage to property or injury to people).  Sustained vigilance and discipline are of utmost importance.  Patrolling can either be done by displaying high visibility to dominate the area or in an undercover manner.   Access Control   To ensure that no unwanted or unauthorized persons enter the premises or part of the premises and to watch carefully for any suspicious persons in a retail environment.   The client’s staff must identify themselves by recognized methods of identification before being allowed on the premises.  If such staff cannot identify themselves, they must be treated as if they are visitors.   Nobody will be allowed to bring any prohibited items (e.g. Firearms) onto the premises.   Nobody will be allowed to carry out any activity on the premises that is prohibited by the Owner/User/Management.   Access Control   To ensure that people and vehicles, including delivery vehicles, do not remove property of the Client in an authorized way.   Searching of persons and vehicles may be done only in terms of the Client’s search policy, which the client will issue to RS & Associates Loss Control Services.  
Radio Control monitoring  
24 hour radio control on site.  
24 hour patrol vehicle.  
 RS & Associates Loss Control Services expects the highest possible standards of conduct from all security staff.  Apart from the fact that security staff must always be alert, vigilant and professional in their approach, bearing and actions, the following deviations will be regarded as extremely serious and may be regarded as sufficient reason for the Site Senior to remove the guilty person permanently from the site:   Absence without proper notification. Accepting any bribes or gifts in the line of duty. Conduct unbecoming of a security officer or prejudicial to discipline, either on or off duty. Drinking intoxicating liquor or using drugs, being under the influence on duty or reporting for duty in an intoxicated condition. Enabling any person to secure stolen property. False reporting. Ignorance of rules, site instructions and regulations after being duly informed. Sleeping on duty or neglecting duty. Using a weapon improperly. Unnecessary harshness or violence or using profane language. Willful disobedience of site instructions, orders of a superior or a reasonable request by the client. Failure to report any security incident or safety hazard either observed by the officer or brought to his attention by another person. Failing to wear the standard uniform including accessories at all times when on duty.  Under no circumstances shall security staff wear a mix of civilian clothes and uniform items. Failing to have on hand, wear or carry items of equipment as specified. Failing to complete the pocket book, occurrence book or any other document as specified. Failing to present an acceptable image or an upright position, or to deal with any person in a respectful manner.  This implies that the security officer shall not sit when he should be standing, lounge about, smoke, eat, drink, read or be busy with any distracting activity while attending to people. 
It is the policy of RS & Associates Loss Control Services to provide services that meet contractual obligations, which adhere to the requirements of the Client with the relevant Standards and Codes of Practice.   We at RSA are continuously striving and operating to this standard and will be undoubtedly maintain the necessary quality approvals which will be consistent with our Clients requirements.   RSA is committed in operating under the disciplines and control of quality management systems which are planned and managed by us and experts in this field.   RSA constantly strives to improve and review the system of product and services sourcing with competitive markets and market trends through design, production, installation and service criteria ensuring that all tasks are completed in a timely and cost effective way for the sake of benefiting our Client which will undoubtedly be done through a quality management assessment thereby ensuring precise communication, work control and accountable records for work undertaken.   RS & Associates Loss Control Services quality assurance representative is appointed by us.  He/She is responsible for ensuring that the correct effective implementation and maintenance of all quality systems are in place.   We at RSA PLEDGE that all personnel understand and fully implement RSA’s policies and objectives and are able to perform their duties on an ongoing training and development programme.               It is the duty of all our staff not only to:  

RS & Associates Loss Control Services offers you superior quality services, managed by professionals chosen for their in depth experience of the security industry, as well as their proven management skills.       The nature of our activities places particular emphasis upon the integrity, experience and proficiency of the personnel, and the quality and reliability of work performed.       The quality policy of RS & Associates Loss Control Services is to carry out its business in a manner which conforms to the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and Sasseta’s requirements and promotes customer satisfaction because at RS & Associates Loss Control Services, we are conscious at all times that our employees and their capabilities are our greatest asset and essential to our reputation.       With us professionally and safely protecting your property and assets, you have a guarding company who promotes ongoing training you can trust. RS & Associates Loss Control Services has a modern training facility fully accredited by SASSETA AND PSIRA.                                                  
In a modern-day society where crime is ever on the increase and Police resources are stretched to the limits, the Police Service in general cannot afford the time (in their limited budgets) to properly investigate crimes committed in and around the workplace or to regularly patrol the property of individuals or Companies.  With the exception of very serious cases, internal crime within a Company is very often not regarded as a Police matter and is left with the Company’s management to sort out and rectify.   As management is expected to be responsible for securing and protecting its own premises, this responsibility could be delegated to the Security Company/Officer in many areas which could save the Company thousands in both the short and long term.   Below is a non-exhaustive list of scenarios where the deployment of Security Officers could alleviate and prevent crime occurring within the workplace:   Serious internal pilferage cannot only eat away a Company’s profit by making it less competitive in the market place; it could also cause late deliveries and loss of orders.   A serious fire, whether started deliberately or by accident, could completely finish a Company.   Acts of vandalism can also have a devastating effect on business.   In an ever-competitive world industrial espionage is a means open to for unscrupulous competitors to gain insight into a Company’s affairs.   Security Officers can therefore assist Client Management in both the prevention of crime and the detection of offenders committing those crimes.
 The roles and responsibilities of today’s Security Officer have increased in recent years, Companies have become much more cost conscious and therefore more aware of their requirements to prevent losses/wastage.   Many companies realize this and employ Security Officers in order to prevent and detect losses by theft, prevent water damage, fire damage, and vandalism.  They can prevent wastage and control access, i.e. visitors, contractors, workforce, etc., into the Client’s premises.   The Security Officer therefore has become an integral part of the management of a site.  They are in a position of both authority and responsibility.   The days of the night watchman are now gone, modern day Security Officers are people who know and understand their responsibilities and diligently apply their sense of sight, hearing and suspicion in order to ensure that property and people are adequately protected.   The Security Officer today can play an important determining role in the successful operations of any business, corporate or manufacturing, retail or financial.  No matter what the industry or assignment, the Security Officers, trough their positive training and their expertise are capable of adapting themselves to varying security related duties, from coordinating a busy reception area to manning and monitoring a distribution company’s gatehouse or CCTV system.   Our Security Officers are trained to do just that, no matter the task, no matter what the Client’s business, you can rely on RS & Associates Loss Control Services to carry out requirements in a professional manner. 
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