Property Valuation Services

Property Valuation Services from PENDO PROPERTY VALUERS

Keywords: Real Estate, Property, Property Valuations

We provide professional valuations of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties for various purposes, including:

Ø       sale/purchase,

Ø       mortgage finance,

Ø       financial reporting,

Ø       portfolio management,

Ø       collective investments,

Ø       taxation,

Ø       deceased estates,

Ø       insurance,

Ø       rental determination,

Ø       legal disputes,

Ø       municipal rating,

Ø       expropriation and

Ø       land restitution.

Our aim is to provide objective and accurate valuation reports of the highest standard, based on thorough research, while also maintaining strict turnaround times, Quality control procedures are in place to ensure the best possible product to our clients.

We are proud of the quality of our work and constantly strive to raise our service levels even further. Our rapidly growing client base is testimony to the quality of our work and dedication to service excellence.

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